Redskins Week 16 Madden ’12 Updates

Good morning Redskins gamers, and welcome to virtual and actual gameday–here are your virtual Redskins’ updates.  For some of you, this has been a weekly update that you can apply to your own Madden franchise throughout the season.  For others of you, this is a preview of what Santa will be delivering later tonight.

I could reveal which of you will be getting the game, but that would ruin the surprise.

The Redskins have had one of the most active rosters in the league for the second half of the season, which has been consistently reflected with the virtual Redskins as well.

Check out the full list of Redskins roster moves and alterations this week:

While I do not understand many of the decreases this week, I’m sure that there is some tangible reason why the fine folks at EA Sports have found reason to regress those players.

Two players that have risen up and played consistently for the Redskins this year as linebacker Perry Riley and offensive guard Chris Chester.  Both players started the season ranked in the mid-60’s overall, rankings that painfully underestimated their contributions to the team.

Starting six games this year, he’s piled up 70 tackles in only his sophomore season.  Coaches have indicated that he has and will make mistakes but “makes them at full speed.”  He’s been a strong addition to the linebacker corps this year, and I would look for his star to continue to rise.

Chris Chester was a solid acquisition this offseason, coming over as a part-time starter from the Baltimore Ravens.  While it has taken time for him to adjust to the zone blocking scheme in Washington, he has used his experience and athleticism to bring stability to a unit that has been constantly in flux.  He has performed well individually, but the real test will be next year when the offensive line is more healthy.

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