Who Is Your MVR(edskin)?

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Now at the 2-minute warning, it looks like the Redskins will need a Christmas Miracle for the win.  But, with some of the individual performances in the books for the Redskins, it’s time to pick a top contributor.  What say you, Coach Couch Potato:

0 thoughts on “Who Is Your MVR(edskin)?

  1. REDSKINS out of ‘LUCK’ with MATT BARKLEY no entering the drasft.

    If I were ALLEN, I’d take the second best WR in this draft with the seventh pick, re-sign ADAM CARRIKER and TIM HIGHTOWER, and not touch one running back. The guys from last draft have all been great.

    I would say go for a SS. but none rates high enough in this draft for a seventh pick. No WR is my choice and REX ‘The GROSS-man” as we suck once again in 2012.

    Next draft go all in for MATT BARKLEY.


  2. I don’t know what will happen with all that draft stuff. I been thinking about material for next years Gieco commercial since we’re hearing how great the Grossman would even be as a back up.

    Picture this:

    Cave man and Grossman in the park at a table playing scrabble,

    Grossman: Laysout the Grossman letters out on the board and explains to Caveman….Grossman, it’s another word for sack, fumble and interception.

    Caveman: Gets up and wacks him with the Fred Flintstone club and drags him to the train leaving town…..


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