To All Fans: Merry Christmas, Thank You

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On behalf of the Redskins organization, I hope that all people of all faiths and creeds can enjoy time away from the world, with their families today.  More important than any gift given or received, are the people that you get to share them with.  So to all of the Hoos down in Hooville, Merry Christmas!

Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan began his post game press conference yesterday for their season-long support, regardless of the team’s record.

“I’d like to start off by saying thanks to our fans,” he said.  “Any time you’ve got a five-win season and a team comes in with two wins, it’s not too often you get that type of support. Obviously, we didn’t make them very happy with the way we played. But I’d like to thank them for being as loud and showing up over other things you would do over Christmas weekend.”

Whether you made it out yesterday or not, thank you for your support.  Now please close your laptop/smart phone and enjoy time with family and friends.

0 thoughts on “To All Fans: Merry Christmas, Thank You

  1. Baby Shanahan and Dad must go!!!! Your record is worse than Zorn’s!!!! Neither of you don’t know how to coach, either of you. Interesting fact, Shanahan could not coach Denver after Elway retired, he was fired. RUN THE TWO SHANAHANS OUT OF TOWN ON A RAIL!!!!!!!!!!

    You both are an embarrassment to the Redskin Legacy, you don’t belong in Washington, leave town and never return.


  2. 15 down and one to go. We’re not in the running for my favorite at QB, so I’m saying that ALLEN should once again punt and if a trade partmer is available at around #20 for a third pick, take the deal and stick with the GROSS-man until 2013.

    If we could not engineer such a trade I’d pick a WR at #7.

    But if we could pick around #20, I’d take another stud for the defensive seven.

    Alameda Ta’amu – NT

    Re-sign Adam Carriker, and hope Jarvis Jenkins hasn’t lost anything but a year of experience at one DE.

    As Ta’amu gains experience in 2012, slide Barry Cofield over to the end slot to spell Stephen Bowen on certain defensive sets with Chris Neild and Kedrick Golston as the back-ups releasing Darrion Scott or finding an eighth d-lineman late.

    In the second round, pick D.J. Fluker R-OT if still available to replace Sean Locklear on the roster, and give Jammal Brown some much needed rest.

    In the third, SS Winston Guy Jr.

    And with the pick we get for the trade down, Trumaine Johnson FS/CB

    In the fourth, OG Lonnie Edwards

    and A.J. Jenkins – WR

    5-7 best available with an eye to replacing Eric Cook – C, Maurice Hurt – LG, and John Beck at QB., and to begin the search for London Fletcher’s ultimate replacement.

    They did pretty well with Willie Smith as an undrafted FA this season. One more of those at any position in 2012 would be great.


  3. So starting o-line




    d-line starters




  4. Lose to the Vikings?… are you kidding me? Can someone tell me why the Skins play their absolute worse football “at home” in front of their fans? To Gordon Lawrence: I like your take on upcoming draft picks, and shuffling current players on the roster. Problem is… the Skins will do the exact opposite, because they have proven that their personnel administrators SUCK. They never draft who they “need.” We all know their greatest need is O-line, but I’ll guarantee you if a high-profile DE/DT/LB is available that’s who they’ll select. That is why I like college football and old-school NFL more. Most players (nowadays) could care less about winning, as long as they sign a hefty contract. The Skins will SUCK (AGAIN) next year; if they don’t suck, they’ll lose to the Cowboys twice. Observing them over the last 10-15 years gives me no reason to believe otherwise.


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