Redskins Players Christmas Day Recap

In honor of yesterday’s moderately well-known holiday, most players had a chance to spend time with some version of family or adopted family.

While many players hosted family or made it home, some of the visits were unexpected.  Safety DeJon Gomes was his own surprise present, playing Santa Claus for his delighted mom.  From the looks of his pristine suit, I don’t think he had to brave the chimney:

Other players had a visit from Santa…or at least from nose tackle Chris Neild’s “nutty Nephew”:

And even though it was good to see everyone from home, it wouldn’t be a holiday without family being family:

There was plenty of food to be had, with injured lineman Chris Baker enjoying a giant holiday spread:!/Travon_Bellamy/statuses/151065877679312896

And all of this food led to widespread nap time on the couch, like it did in Brandon Banks’s house:

All of this was followed by today’s holiday post-Christmas purchase returns.  There must have been some magic left in the holiday weekend for players like linebacker Ryan Kerrigan:

All-in-all, it looks to have been a good day away from the gridiron, for the boys in Burgundy and Gold.  The Redskins will have today and tomorrow off, although players have already passed through for treatment and film study.  On Wednesday morning, it will be back to work for everyone on the roster, and time to focus on the Eagles.

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