Olsen Brings Artistic Prowess To Football

AP Image

Offensive linemen are known for having a “mean streak” or extra grittiness, and reserve offensive guard Eric Olsen is no exception.  His playing style was described in his Notre Dame player bio as “fiesty and aggressive.”

But he has another side off the field.  He watches Family Guy and Modern Family.  He wishes he had Jessie’s girl.  He only gained two pounds over the holidays.  He moonlights as a part time Super Hero.  And he loves art.

At Notre Dame, Olsen was enrolled in the College of Arts and Letters and majored in industrial design.  He hasn’t used his artistic skill for work yet, but he does enjoy doodling.  Here’s some of the work that he’s done, depicting famous rap/hip hop icons Lil’ Wayne, Wiz Khalifa and Rick Ross:

Olsen also wears his art, sporting a giant self-drawn tribute to his native New York on his left shoulder and bicep:

Olsen is clearly has a gift, and said that he’d like to pursue a career in marketing/graphic design some day, after football.  In the mean time, he said he’s going to continue working hard on the gridiron and doodle in his spare time.

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