Fletcher Calls It A Snub, Others Agree

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Last night’s announcement of Pro Bowl rosters came and went without a mention of any Washington Redskins.  The argument be made for multiple snubs, but there are probably none greater than linebacker London Fletcher.

With one game left to be played, coaches’ stats have Fletcher at an NFL-leading 200 tackles on the season, a career year for the 36-year-old defensive captain.  For the record, the second place player on this list has 145.  Patrick Willis and Brian Urlacher, the two NFC Pro Bowl selections, rank 36th and 38th respectively.

Now, I’ve heard the argument that winning teams get more appreciation, and I understand that Fletcher spends more time on the field than linebackers in truly dominant defenses.  But he has been a veritable vacuum in the middle of this defense, leading a group that includes players 14 years his junior.

In addition to his titanic tackle numbers, he also has 1.5 sacks, 14 quarterback pressures, two interceptions, nine passes defensed, and three forced fumbles.  If you’re wondering what else he could possibly do on defense, you’re not the only one:


Fletcher has gone most of his career as a forgotten man, starting every game since 2000, and quietly keying his defense to greatness.  He wasn’t alone in feeling like he got snubbed.

Middle linebacker Stephen Tulloch, for the Detroit Lions, reached out to Fletcher after the announcement:


Adam Schefter, a respected NFL analyst for ESPN, named Fletcher among his top snubs:


And, of course, Fletcher got the support of his Redskins teammates:






After the initial disappointment and the ensuing outpouring of support, Fletcher was gracious, and thanked everyone for his support.  He also gave his congratulations to former teammates Carlos Rogers and Andre Carter:


There is no question, that even in moments of reasonable disappointment, Fletcher is still a class act.  Expect him to extend his league-leading tackle totals this Sunday and walk off with his head held high.

0 thoughts on “Fletcher Calls It A Snub, Others Agree

  1. complete BS! a snub is an understatement. fan voting for any all star, pro bowl game should only count as a partial part of the selection process.


  2. Unfortunety it is the result of being a great player on a poorly perfoming team. He is truly one of the top 3 OVERALL LB’s in the NFL. Hopefully the Hall of Fame will recognize him one day and he’ll finally get the recogntion he deserves. It’s about 80% name and 20% play with the fan vote. I think the hes the best player left off, unfortunetly he’s not alone. It’s time to change it from a marketing plan, to a player and coches voted roster. Then maybe the players will take it seriously also. It’s like the tough guy down the street challenged you to a fight and you don’t want to look like a sissy.


  3. Why doesn’t the NFL send all those at the top of the statistic list, such as tackles should automatically go to the pro bowl and the voters simply fill in the backups.


  4. Screw it!!! To all Fletch’s teammates: he has been playing at a consistently high level throughout his Redskins career….he doesn’t deserve a Pro Bowl…he deserves a Super Bowl!!!! The rest of you guys have a lot to do to live up to London. Make it a priority next year for everyone to practice and play at his level…I promise you that the ‘Skins will then be a force in the NFL.


  5. the probowl is nothing anyway its just an over glorified flag ball competition, it means nothing i would rather see the players named and not have the game who wants players injured for something that doesnt count and matters only to the few who get voted in by the faceless ones


  6. I’ve dissed the PRO BOWL all my life. Worthless game.

    That said, not selecting LONDON FLETCHER as an ALL-STAR is sad, really sad. If the REDSKINS didn’t exist, I’d stop watching ANY pro football at all in protest.

    Kinda’ like my personal WAL-MART boycott. I sneak a peek on occasion, but am certain not to give them enough of my business to support their blood-sucking operation.


  7. How about WILLIS or URLACHER voluntarilty surrendering their slots in favor of FLETCHER. Or the commish could make an announcement that a mistake was made and FLETCHER should have been selected and was mistakenly left off and dump one of the other selectees.


  8. More BS by the NFL who sees ads as the true driver of entertainment value in the league.

    My personal apology LONDON. The players and fans know your worth. And we stand with you 100%


  9. London is a nice person and level headed quiet leader. Though he racked up top level stats – nice guys always fiish last or are forgotten and overlooked. In life as well as sports. They do not have the drama and fan pull for tv ratings. plain and simple.


  10. London clearly was sidestepped and passed over, he got ripped off. If everyone in the leaque possessed the character and abilities of flether, football in the NFL would be playing at an entirely different level. London no matter what these selections determine.; Everyone knows youre the deal…


  11. This is a primary reason the pro bowl sucks. I have never been excited about the pro bowl ever. In all my years of loving to watch the NFL I have never said, oh boy here comes the pro bowl. THey always vote just the popular players, and then half the time they don’t even show up. Moving it before the superbowl was a disaster as well. The por bowl is a joke. That said, I do think it is BS that THE linebacker is not going. THis guy does more than many other linebackers in the NFL. Just one more reason why I do not watch the pro bowl. Maybe some day the NFL will get it right.


  12. This really stinks!Ive watched fletcher since he came in to the league.He is alleader and the skins need his leadership skills.So the skins didnt make the playoffs,thats ok,we will be back next season and so will fletcher.Hey SKINS,time to tighten up that chinstrap and play some football.Fletch,you will allways be the MAN,With jennikins coming back next yr and keeringon,with a yr of experience,and FLETCHER IN THE MIDDLE,the skins front 7 has improved greatly.HTTR.


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