Week 17 Power Rankings Roundup

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With only one game left in the season, the Redskins are guaranteed to finish in the bottom half of the power rankings once again–perhaps in the bottom quarter.

The last time the Redskins faced the Eagles this season, they were ranked No. 10 in the pregame power rankings, riding a division-leading 3-1 start to the season.  The Eagles limped into town at 1-4, looking to get back on track.

The loss to the Eagles was a costly one in terms of injuries and momentum, and the Redskins never recovered.  Free-falling over the next five games, the Redskins settled into the upper 20’s on most power rankings.  With a disappointing loss to the Vikings last week, they ensured that they will remain in the 20’s until next season.

Here’s your holiday week spread of NFL power rankings:

CBSSports.com gave the Redskins No. 24, a small stumble from No. 23 last week:

FOXSports.com dropped the Redskins again this week to No. 25, after last week’s No. 23:

NBC/Profootballtalk.com held the Redskins steady at No. 26, same as last week’s No. 26:

Honestly, I have no idea what Profootballtalk writer Mike Florio means by that…

ESPN.com slid the Redskins to No. 26, down a spot from last week’s No. 25:

NFC East blogger for ESPN.com, Dan Graziano, didn’t pull punches in his assessment of the Redskins against the Vikings.  I would argue that calling Joe Webb and Toby Gerhart “backups” is a tad simplistic, but Graziano is technically correct:

The Redskins drop a spot after a terrible, inexplicable loss to the 30th-ranked Vikings and their backups. I’m sure they’d love to win the finale and match last year’s 6-10 record, but more important for Washington will be playing better on defense this week than they did in Week 16. They felt so good about the defense and its future prospects after beating the Giants two weeks ago, they certainly don’t want to go into the offseason on a down note.

This week is a statement game, the latest in a long line of gut-checks for this Redskins team.  Given that their season fell apart during the first matchup against the Eagles, it’s nice to have another crack at them to round out the season.

Power rankings aside, this Sunday’s game will be an important rematch, and a game that the Redskins need to win in order to enter the offseason on an emotional upswing.

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  1. I imagine the profootballwriter guy was talking about playing against Royster in fantasy football and losing a lot of money. I know I started him in place of Helu and won my championship and around $200.


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