Alexander Given ‘Media Good Guy Award’

Via @granthpaulsen

Each year, it is a tradition for the media and beat reporters to award one player in the Redskins locker room with the annual “Media Good Guy Award.”

The award is given to the player that best helps the media do their job of covering the team, even in (and especially in) times of losing and disappointment.  While there was very little locker room drama this year, losing made it difficult to face reporters.

The 2011 award could have gone to a number of players that make up the core leadership of the Redskins, but the recipient was the most-deserving of them all.  Presenting the award on behalf of the media, was long-time beat reporter John Keim of the Washington Examiner:

This is a well-deserved honor for Alexander, who has fully embraced his role as a team leader and captain.  With another strong season of 20 special teams tackles under his belt, he will more than deserve his Pro Bowl trip to Honolulu, when it finally happens.

Congratulations, Lorenzo!

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