Alexander Pays Dues For His Alma Mater

Special teams captain Lorenzo Alexander is a native of Berkley, Calif. and a proud former California Golden Bear.  Only one thing could ever make him wear the colors of another team, and his name is Brian Orakpo.

The story behind the wardrobe dysfunction stems from last night’s game Holiday Bowl game between Alexander’s Bears and Orakpo’s Longhorns.  Orakpo–who has a penchant for making T-shirt bets–wagered a T-shirt appearance and media interview with Alexander, who accepted.

What transpired was a 21-10 Longhorns victory, and a humbling walk into the locker room for the One Man Gang.  He explains:

“Our offense sucked, but our defense was dominant, as usual,” Alexander said proudly.  “It’s hurts though.  I can’t stand this shirt.”

Orakpo explained how he knew his Longhorns would win, and had a Texas shirt ready, waiting for Alexander this morning.  “He knew as soon as he walked in the locker room this morning that he was gonna have to put it on.”

Alexander clarified his plans for said shirt: “I’m gonna burn it after I’m done with this interview.”

And asked if he was planning to stop talking trash to Orakpo, Alexander concluded: “No.  I’ll hate Texas for the rest of my life.  No Hook ‘Em Horns–Hook ‘Em Down.”

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