Gibbs’s ‘Redskins Reunion’ Turns Roast

AP Image

Ever wonder what happens when Redskins from the glory years get together for a party thrown by Joe Gibbs?  Well, we’ll never know all of the secrets, but here are some of the funnier, TV-friendly moments, courtesy of ESPN.

I’ll give you a hint, it’s well worth 15 minutes of your time:

And in case you need a refresher on the cinematic wonder that was the “Thanks 12th Man!” video, check that out below as well:

0 thoughts on “Gibbs’s ‘Redskins Reunion’ Turns Roast

  1. WOW! Seeing that reunion clip makes me miss those glory days even more and adds to my disappointment with the current team. I know we’re headed in the right direction, I just can’t wait to get there again.


  2. Hurry up and conclude this loser of a season, resign, FLETCHER, CARRIKER, HIGHTOWER, draft 1 – NT[ trade down for a 3 pick], 2 – R-OT, 3 – QB, 3 – SS, 4 – FS, 4 – OG, 5 – C, 6 – WR, 6 – RB, 7 – SS-ILB,, find another WILLIE SMITH undrafted, a couple FA’s including a K, and let’s get this show on the road in 2013.


  3. I think they should bring Joe Gibbs in as the owner of the Redskins, so we can get back to being a power house football team again. Then life would be that much better.


  4. yep great video which shows how lousy an owner snider is. no good judge of talent , present or future & thinks he can still BUY a super bowl with low-rent nearly washed up players EXP. D. Mcnabb. get a talented , G.M. who is a pro-football smart guy & leave him to do the job — ALA jack kent cook got bobbie beathard & super bowl titles followed.


  5. Ever since this team left the hands of Jack Kent Cooke it has been a disaster. Whether it was bringing in Norv Turner or Deon Sanders from the hated Cowboys, or getting rid of Brian Mitchell, this owner knows nothing about Redskins football. Joe Gibbs brief return is the only light that has shone nin these dark days. Sell the team Mr. S and get out of town. You don’t know what you’re doing……..


  6. EXACTLY dave– the best coaching staff in the nfl would flounder as long as SNIDER RUNS THE WHOLE TEAM !!!!!!!!!!!!! Mr. big bucks thinks $$$$$$$$ make him pro-football SMART but 18 or 19 yrs. in the shitter ( except for 2 seasons under gibbs ) have shown him to be WRONG WRONG WRONG !!!


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