Grossman, Moss Provide ‘Little Smiles’

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Yesterday, as the team buses arrived at the hotel, one of the biggest and bravest Redskins fans was there to meet them.

Tyler Litts is a 7-year-old from Strousburg, Pa., and loves to watch the Burgundy and Gold every weekend with his dad.  His favorite Redskins are Santana Moss and Rex Grossman, because those are his dynamic duo on Nintendo DS.  He’s also a big Chris Neild fan, given that he goes to his same elementary school in Strousburg.

Tyler receives oncology treatment at St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children in Philadelphia.  He and his family have been staying at the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House during treatment, and he’s been looking forward to the Redskins-Eagles game in Philadelphia all year.

Through the Little Smiles program, in conjunction with the Redskins and the Eagles, Tyler got his wish to see the Redskins coming into the hotel, as he was visited by two Redskins in particular:

Tyler and his family were given four tickets to today’s game, as well as a limo ride to the stadium and four pre-game field passes.  If there’s one thing for the Redskins and Eagles to team up together for today, this was definitely a good choice.

0 thoughts on “Grossman, Moss Provide ‘Little Smiles’

  1. What a GREAT effort on the part of The Washington Redskins! KUDOS to you for caring enough to take time out of your schedule to love on others.

    GREAT JOB to the entire team….those we see and those behind the scene!

    Faithful Fan from NC via JERSEY!


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