Happy New Year, Redskins Nation!

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Another year has come and gone in Redskins Nation, a special place where the clocks tick down, but there’s always time for one last drive.  In the calendar year of 2011, the team went 5-11 in regular season games, and turned in one of the best preseasons in franchise history.

Between the first and second games of the 2011 calendar year, there was the longest work stoppage in NFL history.  The team that took the field in game No. 2 was remarkably different from the last, both in personnel and direction.

Sure, there were times of adulation and times of disappointment, but there were, and still are lots of reasons for hope and excitement.

I’ll recap all of this in the hours, days and weeks to come, but hey, happy new year to everyone!

On a separate note, I must admit that based on my experience today, the lore of the Philadelphia sports fan took a hit today.  I’ve seen Eagles and Phillies fans in their native habitat before, so I know that their reputation is earned.  But I was disappointed by the ambivalent reception by the team buses today in the parking lot.

In years past, I’ve heard tales of eggs, rocks, snowballs, and batteries being hurled at the visiting buses.  I’ve heard of lovely gestures and verbal pleasantries.  I’ve even heard of full moon sightings in broad daylight.  But not today.  

Today, there were only a pair of fingers, and even those seemed half-hearted.  I have no doubt that the fans will bring it once gametime arrives, but in the mean time, I think Redskins fans are more passionate today.

On that very same note, don’t forget to join in the “2012 Social Showdown” between Redskins and Eagles fans.  In Washington, we know that we have the most tech-savvy fans in the league, but today you have to prove it by beating the Eagles off the field.

Once kickoff begins, go to the Social Showdown website and click a large “Like” button that will appear after kickoff.  The more likable team will win, so make sure you get involved.  #BeatPhilly

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