Injured Redskins Players Back In The Mix

Open locker room on “Black Monday” is generally headlined by quiet, somber reflection for the teams and players that don’t make the playoffs.

But for injured players, this is the first time that many of them have been permitted to sit in on team meetings and team functions.  Rather than feeling like outsiders looking in, this is an opportunity for these players to stand alongside their teammates and look forward to next season.

“As a player who hasn’t produced for my team for what feels like forever, I’m really excited about starting over and moving forward,” tight end Chris Cooley said.  “Today is good for me because it feels like I’m back to the team.”

This was a fairly common sentiment in the locker room today, as injured players like Cooley, Kory Lichtensteiger, Chris Baker, Kedric Golston, Leonard Hankerson, and Tim Hightower all showed up to meet with coaches and clean out their lockers.

One advantage that the injured players have over their teammates is that they have already reflected on the disappointments of the 2011 season.  For Cooley, today was the first day of his preparation for the 2012 season, and it’s something that he was encouraging his teammates to do as well.

“I think a fresh start’s probably good for everyone right now, in terms of record and in terms of what we have going on right now,” he explained.  “I don’t think it sounds daunting, we just need to get back to work.”

After a quick shower and change into his sweatpants, he told teammate Logan Paulsen that he was off to go get in a workout.  From the sounds of it, we can expect to see Redskins No. 47 back on the field in 2012.

0 thoughts on “Injured Redskins Players Back In The Mix

  1. Attn Coach Shanahan: I am a 73yr old female thats been a redskin fan since 1966, when my husband Richard purchased the last 2 season tickets at the ticket window at RFK Stadiium (when Otto Graham was coach). Our entire family are die-hard Redskin fans – We all think you should go after the Greenbay backup quarterback, Matt Flynn. I am so tired of saying, “well wait till next year”. Matt Flynn has had 2 great teachers, (Brett Favre & Aaron Rogers) and he could play right away, (not like a rookie draft that might need a year getting adjusted. I don’t have many years left to see my Redskins in the Super Bowl. Its been a long time since 1992 when John Elway & the Denver Broncos never new what hit them. Doug Williams was super super super that day. Signed, tired of waiting till next year-


  2. I too missed Chris Cooley and all the other injured players, I hope he is fully recovered & ready to play this comiing year. I still think Matt Flynn woud be a great quarterback for the team.


  3. I too BETTY am a die-hard REDSKIN fan [1952], and I also say. “go to GREEN BAY.” Only I want their FA Center, Scott WELLS.

    Coincidentally, their back-up QB would be nice, but frankly, we don’t have a decent QB. At least, we do have a center that’s decent. But think of the consequennces of not having MONTGOMERY…….ERIK COOK. Just as essential to have an alternative at center as to have a decent QB. I mean we DO have BECK under contract for next season. HEH!

    If I had my druthers, I’ll have one of each, thank you. I’d sign WELLS, and if the PACKERS aren’t absolutely frosted by the signing, I’d trade down with GREEN BAY in the first round, and take FLYNN as our future QB and a sixth round pick while giving them the chance to recoop WELLS with our #6.

    With theirs, I’d immediately take the best remaining R-OT or WR, at or near the end of the first round.


  4. From the sounds of it, we can expect to see Redskins No. 47 back on the field in 2012…..CCooley

    Unfortunately, I’m not sure FRED DAVIS will be back. Just a hunch, but with an adequate PAULSON in house, it wouldn’t surprise me to see a second or third round pick at TE, and FA for Mr. DAVIS.

    I think the ‘SKINS should immediately sign HIGHTOWER, CARRIKER, and FLETCHER.

    LANDRY is problematic, but I think because of his injury history he ultimately returns as a REDSKIN. And because of the injury history, we must have a mid-round fourth pick at SS.

    ROCKY Mac is a ghost in a REDSKIN uni however.


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