Logan Paulsen Ready For Wedding Bells

Redskins tight end Logan Paulsen came into this season unsure of his spot on the team.  He was an undrafted tight end out of UCLA last season, and he was battling a crowded numbers game between running backs, fullbacks and tight ends.

On the other hand, Paulsen’s fiancee was very sure of her job going into the fall as a high school teacher for American Literature and Critical Composition, in California.  Rather than asking his bride-to-be to relocate from the San Fernando Valley, Ca., Paulsen made the trip back east, alone.

In the months that followed, not only did he make the team out of training camp, but he appeared in every game this season, starting six, and rising to the No. 1 slot for the last four games.  He had career-highs in snaps, receptions and yards this season, snagging three passes for more than 20 yards.

Today was his first full day back in California since the bye week, and only the fourth time that he’s seen his fiancee since July.  They may need brief introductions.

“I don’t think she came to any games this year, but she watched all of them on TV,” he said.  “I would honestly rather she watch them on TV, because I think it’s kind of a pain to go to the stadiums.  The logisitics suck.

“Now, I get to meet her again, that’s exactly right,” he added with a laugh.

Paulsen was very proud of his physical work in Washington, but is looking to an offseason of mental gymnastics in sunny southern California.

“In-season I don’t really read, but in the offseason I do,” he said, attributing his tastes in literature to his fiancee.  “Last offseason, I read three of the Game of Thrones books, Pillars of the EarthThe Hunger Games, y’know, just stuff like that, just stuff to pass the time.”

“She’s a smart lady,” he added.  “Obviously I’m not on her level, but I’m getting there.”

And in exactly six weeks from today, he’ll be married to that smart lady.

“The wedding is on Feb. 18th, which is right around the corner really,” he said with a grin.  “It hasn’t really sunk in yet that it’s here.”

Congratulations to the happy couple!  (And make sure you post pictures of the happy day.)

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