Redskins Players Back To The Real World

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For the last four months, 10:50 a.m. on a weekday has been my cue to walk down the steps at Redskins Park to chat with players in open locker room.  There weren’t always a lot of players available at a time, but there was always someone.

Taking a peek into the locker room today, most lockers are cleared out and there are no players in sight.  The only thing missing is a tumbleweed rolling out of the adjacent equipment room.

While some players make their offseason homes in Loudoun County, many others have dispersed across the country, back to the lives they live off the record.  In their first 24 hours of offseason living, some of these players have had a blast, while others have gone about their un-glamorous business.

Here’s a Twitter recap of the first 24 hours.

Linebacker Lorenzo Alexander made it his New Years resolution to have a six-pack, courtesy of his Pilates training at The Studio MBS.  In order to accomplish that, he’s back to work already:

Receiver David Anderson can appreciate that the Redskins have stationary stairs at Redskins Park–the alternative would be a disaster:

Running back Evan Royster is trying to coax his internal clock back to normal from his in-season 6 a.m. alarm:

Worried about London Fletcher wanting to come back to Washington as a free agent?  He still dreams in Burgundy and Gold:

Meanwhile, receivers Anthony Armstrong and Donte’ Stallworth were admiring a college prospect at receiver:

Safety Reed Doughty was about as far away from football as possible, being a good, supportive father:

And defensive backs DeJon Gomes and Travon Bellamy were figuring out who was the best virtual athlete:

And that’s your Redskins players’ triumphant start to the football offseason.  We’ll be checking in from time to time for updates.

0 thoughts on “Redskins Players Back To The Real World

  1. By the end of 2013, we’ll know what’s up with the owner and his new puppets. I don’t expect to see SNYDER step in and can the new management before then.
    After all, SHANAHAN said all along the rebuild was a five year prop. I don’t think he really believed it though until mid-season this year.

    After last draft however, I’m encouraged. Once SHANNY tells BRUCE the types of player’s he needs, I have confidence in ALLEN to deliver most of the essentials in FA and this draft.


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