Olsen Headed To The Saints, NFC Playoffs

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The season continues for one member of the Burgundy and Gold, as Redskins practice squad offensive lineman Eric Olsen is Bayou-bound.  Earlier this week, he was officially signed to the 53-man playoff roster of the New Orleans Saints.

He broke the news himself during locker room clean-out on Monday, telling ‘Redskins Insider’ Mike Jones that he was sad to leave:

“I’m sad because I really like the guys around here, and this is like football heaven, and Coach Shanahan is bigger than a legend,” said the former Notre Dame standout, who last season appeared in one game for the Denver Broncos. “But I’ve got to take this.”

He shared it with the world on Twitter (@EOlsen69) a short while later:





Yesterday during his media session with the New Orleans media, Saints head coach Sean Payton confirmed the news of Olsen’s signing, announcing that he will wear No. 70.

Olsen was a funny, likable guy in the locker room, and was quite personable with the media.  I’ll always remember him for his old-school social media, his artistic talents, and of course his yet unfulfilled alma mater T-shirt wager.  The funny thing about his departure is that–until it was confirmed by the Saints–people around Redskins Park were unsure if he was pulling a giant prank.

This theory was aided by head coach Mike Shanahan’s non-confirmation of Olsen’s signing during his end of the year press conference on Monday.  It was not until more than 24 hours later that it could finally be confirmed.

Redskins teammate and friend Logan Paulsen was one of the first people that Olsen told of his signing.  He wished his buddy well in the playoffs.

“Obviously we’re sad to see him go,” Paulsen said.  “But that’s pretty sweet for him.  What a great opportunity for him.”

Friend and fellow offensive lineman Erik Cook tweeted his congratulations:


Olsen and the Saints will host the Detroit Lions in the Wildcard Round on Saturday, Jan. 7, at 8 p.m. on NBC.  Good luck, Eric!

0 thoughts on “Olsen Headed To The Saints, NFC Playoffs

  1. FA’s to consider:
    C – Scott WELLS [GB]. Fairly young at 30 and healthy with six year’s experience. Moderate price for a Pro Bowler, probably 5 per and 5. The center position must have an upgrade over ERIK COOK. Sooner or later WIL MONTGOMERY is going down with an extended injury. Adequate fill-in is essential. to future success If i were ALLEN, I’d go after him hard.
    NT – Aubrayo FRANKLIN [N.O.] If ALLEN doesn’t want to spend a top pick on a NT, he could go hard after FRANKLIN in FA who was only given a one-year contract by the SAINTS whilr they hope to extend him for a mult-year deal. He’s still relatively young at 31 with a minor injury history, but is obviously looking for a big payday and long-term deal. He, NEILD, and COFIELD could rotate at the position with BARRY sliding over to DE to spell BOWEN in the 3 front d-line and supplant SCOTT.


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