Season Ending Power Rankings Roundup

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Power rankings are designed to be equivalent to an approximate rankings of NFL teams, No. 1-32.  What it actually turns into is an over-hyped barometer that shamelessly follows winning and losing streaks, and has no ability to predict future results.

In other words, it’s pointless in principle, product and practice.  But they are fun when your team is winning.

Throughout the course of the season, win or lose, I’ve brought you the power rankings roundup, looking at the somewhat respected rankings of CBS, FOX, NBC and ESPN.  Before Week 1, the Redskins were ranked in the bottom five teams on all charts.

Going into the team’s Week 5 bye week, the team ranked as high as the Top-10 on the ESPN charts, and was not far behind on others.  After Week 17, the Redskins are a whole lot closer to the Week 1 rankings than most would have predicted in Week 5.

But, as I noted before, power rankings do little to predict where a team is going–only where it’s been.  So take these power rankings as you will: gave the Redskins No. 24, same as last week’s No. 24:

NBC/ held the Redskins steady at No. 26, same as last week’s No. 26 (and the week before): held the Redskins at No. 26, same as last week’s No. 26:

NFC East blogger for, Dan Graziano, offered a candid assessment of the team’s rise and fall from glory.  Of course, my favorite part is the fable about a frog with wings:

They began the season at No. 28, got as high as No. 10 and then settled right back down around where they started. I don’t think the fast start was a mirage. I think the Redskins just didn’t have enough to overcome their injury problems. And yes, that means they’re not a great team. The Giants had injury problems too. Maybe even worse, and look at them. Had they stayed healthy all year, I agree with Mike Shanahan that the Redskins could have been a contender. But if a frog had wings, it wouldn’t bang its little froggy butt on the ground when it hopped, right?

This team found a number of solid contributors this year that have the ability to grow into stars.  The weakness of this year’s team was injuries that forced young players into roles that they weren’t necessarily ready for.  But the experience that those players gained will be a strength for this team moving forward.

The preseason rankings for the Redskins indicated that there was little reason to hope for this year, and maybe those prognosticators were right, maybe they were wrong.  But from a franchise perspective, I think there’s a lot of reason to believe that this team is back on the right track, heading towards future success.

0 thoughts on “Season Ending Power Rankings Roundup

  1. I see the REDSKINS are already on the path to 2012 with four off-season contol contracts allowing the brass to get a look at the group in the off-season OTA’s. A QB, RB, G, and S, three off the practice squad, and one experienced FA. I’ve never seen McCASKILL the FA from HAMPTON U, but I read he was a good position player at LG.

    Good the see management addressing the areas of immediate concern viz: QB, o-line and d-backs.

    The o-line needs bolstering.

    I would certainly go after Scott WELLS as ERIK COOK’s replacement, and WIL MONTGOMERY’s running mate.

    .Looking at guard, MAURICE HURT didn’t comport himself well on the field, and a FA or mid-level pick are in order there.

    I would absolutely lock down a R-OT with our second pick.

    On defense FS, SS, and CB all are important concerns.

    I would add a NT to the defensive needs allowing COFIELD some breathing room at the position as BOWEN needs to be spelled in certain sets.

    And a search should begin for LONDON’s ultimate replacement. But with FOX on hand, that might be deferred to 2013.

    We need a better kicker than GANO. His distance is great, but accuracy and ‘pop’ are lacking.

    The one disturbing move to me is locking up TRISTAN DAVIS off the practice squad. I know SHANNY wants a shiny new toy at RB, but he’s overlooking a solid RB in HIGHTOWER. Anything I say will make no difference however, and I color TIM gone in burgandy and gold. There is no telling what the effects of his injury will ultimately be, and with SHANAHAN’s emphasis on elite power-running, I believe he feels improvement is necessay at RB.

    I think he will draft TRENT RICHARDSON at #6 even if he fails to trade out of that slot. Hopefully, he trades down in the first and picks up a third round selection for moving down two or three slots.


  2. The skins are in a reasonably good place, not considering thier record.
    We are set at
    – all 4 LB spots (Kerrigan, Orakpo, Riley, Fletcher).
    – both DE spots (Carriker, Jenkins)
    – RB (Helu, Royster and Hightower)
    – LT (Williams, when he is sorted with his smoking)
    – 2 WRs (Hankerson and Moss)
    – TE (Cooley and Davis)
    – FB (Young)

    our first order of business has to be
    – resign L Landry, L Fletcher, F Davis, J Brown
    – draft RG3 or Claiborne if available, otherwise trade back to around the 12-16 spot and pick up additional players for the O-Line or WR’s in the 2nd round. If thats not possible then throw our 1st, 2nd and 4th this year, and 2nd next year and get Andrew Luck.
    – then try to sign Matt Flynn, a young O-lineman (G or C)

    and is the possibility or picking up Bill Polian to work with Bruce Allen work?


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