‘Helu’s Hurdle’ ESPN’s No. 4 Top NFL Play

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Redskins running back Roy Helu knows that he’s in the business of taking big hits from defensive players.  He knows that sometimes his blocks will be there for a big play, and sometimes they won’t.

But just because a defender is in the perfect position to make a play doesn’t mean that Helu will allow him to do that.  He proved that in Week 12 against the Seahawks, on a chilly, rainy afternoon in Seattle, when he turned a 2-yard carry into a 30-yard rumble for a touchdown.

Sitting in the press box that afternoon, I remember focusing on the field before the third-down play.  Prior to Week 12, the Redskins coaching staff had only started to explore the pitch option in the running gain.  This was a standard stretch play, and the blocks seemed to be developing according to how they were drawn up.

The only problem was that Seahawks safety Roy Lewis had the angle to stop the play for minimal gain.

This was the view from the stands that day, of the ensuing Roy-on-Roy crime:

It was the type of rare play during a game that earns a collective gasp from a press box, where reaction to the game is (supposedly) forbidden.  The stands went nuts with a mixture of displeasure and disbelief at what they had just witnessed.

You might recall that the play later got recognition as the SportsCenter’s No. 4 NFL play of the weekend.  But upon season review, it has now been bestowed with the ESPN No. 4 play of the entire 2011 NFL season.

This is how most of you will remember it from your couches at home:

Congratulations, first and foremost to Roy Helu for his spectacular vision, athleticism and overall accomplishment.  Secondly, congratulations to receivers Santana Moss, Donte’ Stallworth, tight end Fred Davis, right guard Chris Chester, who deserve credit for sealing the running lanes that allowed Helu to make the play.

This is a a tremendous team honor for an outstanding Redskins play.

0 thoughts on “‘Helu’s Hurdle’ ESPN’s No. 4 Top NFL Play

  1. Defensive players due to become free agents in 2012

    ILB London Fletcher – sign

    SS LaRon Landry – iffy at best

    DE Adam Carriker – sign

    DE Kedric Golston – sign if 1 – no NT is taken in FA or the draft, or 2 – if the money and term are right.

    ILB Keyaron Fox – sign

    ILB Rocky McIntosh – no offer

    CB Phillip Buchanon – no offer

    CB Byron Westbrook – sign one-year limited money, or let walk.

    Needs on defense


    2 – low round OLB if extra picks are garnered by trade-downs or a FA.

    3 – mid-fourth round CB pick

    4 – third round SS pick WINSTON GUY Jr.

    5 – fifth round FS pick.


  2. Offensive players due to become agents in 2012:

    QB Rex Grossman – re-sign one year, first round pick, WEEDEN fourth round

    RB Tim Hightower – one-year make-good injury contract, or first round pick at RB.

    C Will Montgomery – sign, raise.

    G Kory Lichtensteiger – career likely done. Fourth-round OG pick.

    TE Fred Davis – one year, make-good contract

    T Sean Locklear – no offer. Second-round replacement pick

    WR Donte Stallworth – no offer. Justin BLACKMON if possible, or a late round pick at WR, or a FA.

    K Graham Gano – bring in a truck-load of competitors


  3. REDSKINS need a franchise QB, top-tier RB, game-changing WR, a R-OT, back-up C, another guard besides SMITH to replace both LICHTENSTEIGER and HURT. FA a must on this side of the ball. Too many high draft picks that are unatainable to rely on the draft alone to make this team better.

    QB, RB, WR, three top o-linemen.

    NT, back-up OLB, back-up CB, back-up SS, back-up FS.

    Total, that’s a whole frickin’ team on one side of the ball. Never get this done in one more year. Two minimum.


  4. Hey 007,

    Some won’t like to hear this, but it’s true. We HAVE to rebuild from all the years of Cerrato/Snyder. I want it done right. Not the pick the biggest names out there stuff. Oh, and I LMAO at the Gano comment. Funny stuff! Congratulations Heluuuuuu! HTTR!


  5. Helu is a beast and should be our starting running back. Sorry Santana but your done with this team. We need a franchise quarterback (aka RG3 or Luck) As for defense Hall is extremely overatted and should be let go. The only reason we have a decent defense is orakpo,kerrigan, and fletcher. Our safety postions all need to be evaluated. An lastly our O line needs to be good and healthy and then we may have a shot at a playoff birth.


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