All-Pro Fletcher Finally Honolulu-Bound

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Happy Lon-day afternoon, everyone.

On the first weekend of the offseason for linebacker London Fletcher, it was an exciting one, as he was named to the All-Pro team late Friday, and added to the Pro Bowl roster early this afternoon.

I believe the phrase goes, “Better late than never.”

Fletcher is finally enjoying his just deserts, following the best statistical season of his prolific career.  For comparison, his next-best teammate was cornerback DeAngelo Hall with a respectable 111, or roughly half of Fletcher’s tally.  The patriarch of the Redskins defense led the NFL in tackles by a wide margin, finishing with a career-best 209.

The numbers earned him his first career AP All-Pro designation, to the second team.  First teamers at the inside linebacker position were Patrick Willis (San Francisco); NaVorro Bowman (San Francisco), and Derrick Johnson (Kansas City).  Fletcher was joined on the second team by Texans linebacker Brian Cushing.

Of this group of five players, Fletcher ranked first in tackles, second in forced fumbles and first in interceptions.

And yet, despite his impressive resume, Fletcher remained on the outside looking in for the Pro Bowl.  Fletcher expressed his initial disappointments after hearing about his snub:

And these were the more outspoken frustrations of his teammates for him, courtesy of CSNWashington:

[castfire id=”castFireVideo” guid=”UwIWI” width=”620″ filename=”829075/csn_2011-12-28-185415.1535.m4v”]

But all of that is obviously behind him, as Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher is forced to sit with injury.  With this morning’s news, Fletcher is tweeting a considerably happier tune:

This is the third-straight year that Fletcher has deserved a Pro Bowl nod and has instead been dealt an alternate position.  This is also the third straight year that, via injury, Fletcher has made it to the Pro Bowl to play in the all-star position that he so rightfully deserves.

Waiting on the injury bug just seems to be his patented route to Hawaii.  And for the man who hasn’t missed a start since 2000, maybe that’s just poetic justice.

0 thoughts on “All-Pro Fletcher Finally Honolulu-Bound

  1. Are they going to make his jersey for the Pro Bowl? There is plenty of time so I would imagine they should unless the Redskins do not want to show him the respect that he deserves.


  2. I can’t believe two LBs on the same team had to decline for Fletcher to go. What does a guy have to do. London Fletcher is a true role model in an age where everyone seems to expect that from pro-athletes. Thanks London and congratulations for an honor that you earned outright, not as a default.!


  3. Nevermind about the two LBs from the same team….apparently I got bad info that Briggs and Urlacher declinded to attend. Briggs is obviously an OLB so that would have no bearing.


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