Renaissance Man Fletcher Tries Analysis


Proving that he can do anything related to football, Redskins linebacker London Fletcher suited up in his Sunday best and made an appearance on the NFL Network’s Friday “Total Access” segment to preview Wildcard Weekend.

He appeared alongside former Patriots linebacker Willie McGinest and predicted that the Lions lacked the discipline to match the Saints in Saturday’s game:

If you look at the Lions, they were the third-most penalized team in the National Football League with 128 penalties.  They had seven games where they were penalized 10 or more times.  If you think about the playoffs, the intensity and magnitude of that are only going to go up higher, so you’re not going to all of a sudden tone that down in the playoffs.

This is a team that hasn’t been in the playoffs since 1999, and I think you’re right, it will hurt them. Especially with the a team like the New Orleans Saints, it’s gonna be tough to overcome.

Sure enough, the Lions were penalized seven times for 64 yards, compared to the Saints’ three for 18 yards.  Given the 17-point spread in the game, it wasn’t just penalties, but that’s still quality analysis by No. 59.  He clearly enjoyed himself too:

The studio is a definite possibility for the Iron Man–after he leaves Washington, while he waits to arrive in Canton.

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