Paul Sees Family, Revisits Super Heroes

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Nebraska’s native son Niles Paul has returned home to spend time catching up with his family.  A native of Omaha, Neb., he spent his college days only an hour away in Lincoln.

Going into the NFL, he knew that he would have to leave the land of Johnny Carson (and the band 311), and he ended up 20 hours away in Washington, D.C.

The NFL season is a grind for anyone, especially a fifth-round rookie looking to make the most of his opportunities.  But now that the season is over, it’s time for the family man to return to the Cornhusker State and catch up with family.  This was his exit interview, courtesy of Larry Michael and TV:

Paul jokes about playing tight end, but he was a key red zone player as the season developed, known for his blocking proficiency.  In his rookie campaign, he was the ultimate hybrid, spending time at wide receiver, running back, returner, tight end, and he was fifth on the team in special teams tackles.

Part of Paul’s ability to play so many positions is because he’s actually a super hero.  Here’s photographic evidence.

The man who appreciates Spiderman enough to get a commemorative tattoo, has been playing Peter Parker for a long time.  Here’s a photo that he tweeted from his high school days:

@Niles_Paul: Y’all thought I was joking about this spiderman stuff lol:

Evidently, his days of fighting evil go back even further to his days in elementary school when he and his brother were home-made Power Rangers:

@Niles_Paul: Me & my brothers on Halloween in our homemade power ranger costumes

Even during his time with the Redskins, teammate Donte’ Stallworth noted that he closely resembled Will Smith super hero Hancock.  I can see what he means:

So the next time you see footage of Paul sticking a block or making an acrobatic catch, just remember that he has a few super powers at his disposal.  More importantly–he fights and plays on the side of good.

0 thoughts on “Paul Sees Family, Revisits Super Heroes

  1. PAUL’s versatility and abilities as a blocker keep him on this team.

    In regard to our two lines:



    SCOTT WELLS – C and FA. Let’s reel him in.

    AUBRAYO FRANKLIN – NT and FA. Let’s reel him in.

    Draft a R-OT in the second round

    Draft an OG in the fourth round.

    That leaves five picks for needs at QB, RB, WR, SS, FS, CB, OLB, ILB. We need to sign FLETCHER and FOX while giving WHITE a shot at ROCKY-MAC’s OLB slot.

    And please have open auditions for a kicker.


    • @007–

      I think you’re pidgeon-holing Paul a bit to say that he’s a blocking specialist at receiver. He doesn’t get the kind of downfield separation that you might expect with his speed, but I think he’s still raw. He has pretty great hands, as he exhibited in the Carolina game, and I see him as a work in progress. Most fifth-round rookie receivers don’t see the field at all aside from special teams, and I think he did a fine job. He may never be anything more than a No. 3-5 option, but I think he’s got some raw talent to develop.


  2. No BRIAN you misunderstood. I was saying he’s versatile …ability in multiple areas. That includes WR, but right now his blocking ability keeps him on the team.


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