Mel Kiper Re-Grades Redskins 2011 Draft

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With the 2011 season in the books and another 105 days to go before the 2012 NFL Draft, it’s officially time to hem and/or haw, self-congratulate success and self-loathe disappointment.  Hey, it’s the offseason!

The best place to start for obligatory 20/20 hindsight is the 2011 NFL Draft, when the labor dispute was put on hold to focus on the future.

The Redskins entered the weekend with eight draft picks and a plethora of needs.  Showing a steady hand of patience and precision, the Redskins navigated their draft boards picking up a lot of raw talent, roster depth and project picks.  In the process, they added five extra picks and four extra players.

The draft class was everything that it needed to be at the time, and it worked out tremendously for an injury-ridden Redskins team.  But it was not a “sexy” draft according to experts.  Because the Redskins took so many players, they had a chance to find some gems; but because they took nine players after the third round, there was a chance few would pan out.

Football draft guru and ESPN analyst Mel Kiper gave the Redskins a post-draft grade of a C+, equivalent to passing mediocrity.  Eight and a-half months later, he’s begging your pardon (Via ESPN Insider and friend Kevin Ewoldt of Hogs Haven):

Post-draft grade: C+

Summary: This felt like a novelty — a Redskins draft with a ton of picks. The story of this draft was the fact that Washington didn’t see a quarterback it wanted. Given the returns in the range in which the Redskins would have picked, it looks like a good calculation, at least in the short term. Only moving way down the board and ending up with Dalton could have looked better. Instead, the Redskins traded down, got Ryan Kerrigan at No. 16 and really aced the pick. Kerrigan picked up 7.5 sacks and played exactly as his draft projection had him pegged. Round 2 pick Jarvis Jenkins never saw the field because of injury, but both running back picks, Roy Helu and Evan Royster, played well when given the time, and I still thinkLeonard Hankerson has a chance to develop. Maurice Hurt looks like a seventh-round keeper. Having a lot of picks can help; it certainly helped this grade rise over the course of the season.

New grade: B

This modest improvement seems to be based on the performance of the rookie draft class, which suited up 11-of-12 picks at some point during the season (defensive end Jarvis Jenkins ended the year on injured reserve in the preseason).  Given that every single rookie cycled through the active roster in the first season, there’s reason to believe that this draft will be viewed as a historic one for this franchise.

But is analyzing a draft class after their rookie season a bit premature?  You betcha.  There’s still no way of knowing what the ceiling is on this group, but it’s nice to see that the respect and expectations have gone up.

0 thoughts on “Mel Kiper Re-Grades Redskins 2011 Draft

  1. Of course it’s too early to rate a draft class, Mike Shanahan even noted that. Shanahan seems to be a guy who never let’s you know what’s on his mind which really can be hard to take at times, but I think while this draft class may not jump out at you with any big names, they are all the type of player Shanahan wants in his system. Hard working, non drama, blue collar workers. If he can continue to bring in players like this, he will be providing what he promised, Stability, depth, and consistency. I realize that London Fletcher is a one in a million type player, but it would seem to me that he is exactly the kind of player you’d want to build a team around. I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to say he is bringing in Fletcher type players and I really see that as refreshing. Just take Jarvis Jenkins for example, the guy’s season was over before it began, but did that stop him? Not at all, he was still very involved with the team, was constantly visible at the team facilities and worked incredibly hard at his rehab. I even heard rumblings that he felt like he could have come back near the end of the season. That is exactly the kind of enthusiasm I love seeing in players.


    • @monkeyhouse–

      Of course! The evaluation process begins right away, but I don’t think that the book is written on these men, by any means. There’s still a lot of room to grow, and if they’re a B now, imagine what they’ll be in a few years 🙂 BTW, Jarvis told me in Week 12 that had he not been put on IR, he’d be healthy enough to play. This was not a complaint however, and that was probably 75% health at the time. It just goes to show you that he’s going to be a beast 🙂


  2. I totally agree with you Monkeyhouse. I like the direction this team is headed in. Once upon a time we would have given up picks for a big name…HAYNEWORTHLESS! When I watched the 2011 draft and saw them trade back, I shouted, THANK GOODNESS! Yeah..we may lose stud players but we need more than just one stud. I prefer to watch this team build the right way, and win for years instead of what was going on here before. And, some of us don’t seem to get it. We have to “rebuild” the concoction that Snyder and Ceratto thought was a team, and that takes time. We’ll get there. Just gotta find players with the same commitment of our guys Fletcher, Sackpo, Kerrigan, Bowen, Coffield. Can’t wait to see Jenkins next season.

    Some IDIOT on the radio just said give #6 to Greenbay for Flynn! I.D.I.OT.!
    One more time, all together… IDIOT!


  3. I don’t want FLYNN with #6 if RG3 can be had with that pick.

    No, I want their center SCOTT WELLS in FA. That’s a player that would make me a PACKER-backer. Heh!


  4. Besides JAX may decide they want FLYNN instead, and work a deal leaving RG3 on the board. And since L:UCK goes to INDY, MANNING may become the new D.McNABB in D.C. Lots of options right now.


  5. I don’t know why anyone would say give Green bay the #6 pick for Flynn. He is suppose to be a unrestricted free agent this off season. If we want him we can sign and still go after RG3 with the #6 pick. I wouldn’t mind flynn if he would sign for a modest contract but after playing one good game he will probably want too much and I don’t know if he would really be much better than Grossman. I gotta say though there could be some good catch phrases if they got him. Playoffs? They would be in like flynn. The Wasington Flynnskins. Well probably won’t happen anyway.


  6. So we get a ‘B’ from the anointed. Well i say it’s a superior draft. ALLEN got players with real ability right down to CHRIS NEILD, Mr. ALMOST IRRELEVANT. The REDSKINS haven’t had a draft as deep as this one since DARYL GRANT was picked.


  7. someone compaared mcnabb to manning???? are you kidding me????? I never ride anyones jock but this year clearly shows why manning should’ve been the mvp EVERY YEAR!!!!! Look at Indy without him…no comparison…please don’t go around saying that out loud 007…now if we get manning somehow then we gotta get blackmon from ok st with the pick…slide moss in the slot and have hankeron on one side, blackmon on the other with a hopefully weed free fred at te and either of our young stud rbs behind him and THEN we got a legit shot at something special if the defense does it’s job


  8. …but even with that being said, RG3 would be the way to keep the building process going and would give us a possible face of the franchise type of guy for years if he performs the way I hope he does…we have lots of young guys who look more than ready to play major roles in building our once proud franchise back to a place of respectability and beyond and even if a couple of em have sophmore slumps or whatever, another year in the system without the interference that the strike provided this year can only make us ready to contend for the division sooner rather than later…anything beyond that would be ‘extra cheese’ and who doesn’t like a little extra cheese???


  9. With jarvis back next year, a top ten Defense. Skins drafted talent, not positions, like a QB, and with a possibilioty of either Grossman or Beck suceeding, which of course they didn’t, a QB wasn’t selected. This year I guarantee a QB, either trade or draft, a quality WR and OF line help. We will be competitive next year for a playoff spot!


  10. I wouldn’t give the #6 pick away for Flynn. He is unrestricted unless Green Bay slaps the franchise tag on him and that’s extemely risky. Having said that there is no way I waste a pick on any quarterback coming out this year besides Luck which by all experts opinion won’t happen. Flynn has been in the league 3 years, been in a great system with great teaching. Flynn has all the tools, makes all the throws and is our best option now that barkley and landry have decided to stay in college. And Manning?? are we serious that this is an option?? He may never be healthy again. Our line is improving but still in serious need of some upgrades in the draft or FA. Manning by far is the worst option out there….


  11. Signing Flynn is no different than drafting RG3, except for the fact you have seen him beat an NFL defense (and not a bad one at that). Luck is the only quarterback that you could “see” performing at a high level in the NFL. Let’s not get enamored with what Newton did this year for the panthers and throw out that fact that you need a quarterback coming out of college that you can see run a pro style offense, watch him make progressions through his reads, and can make all the throws. We saw that in week 17 in Matt Flynn. Then take the #6 pick and take the stud WR in the first, OL in the next 3 rounds and that’s how we continue to build..


  12. Not sure where you get those ideas from. Signing Flynn is nothing like bringing in a rookie from college who has never ever seen the speed of the NFL game. Flynn has not only played and excelled at the NFL level, who is a student of the game, he studies film like crazy and is one of the hardest working backup QB’s in the league, not to mention the fact that he gets the added benefit of talking with Aaron Rodgers every day with any question he may have. Now, having said that, is he a lock to succeed? Nope, but at least you can evaluate him at the NFL level.

    You say Luck is the only qb that you could see performing at a high level in the NFL….do you have a crystal ball or something? Have no idea how you’re seeing that.

    And as for Cam, give that guy a defense and we’re watching the Panthers this weekend.


  13. Unfortunately you just repeated what I said about why taking Flynn is the most logical choice. Having cleared that up, Luck is the only quarterback most experts (which neither you or I am) pick as the most likely to succeed.I firmly believe discussing his success is a futile conversation knowing we most likely won’t have the chance to pick him up.

    And as for Cam, let’s see him continue on his unreal season and improve and more importantly make it through an off season with a pile of money in his pocket and not act like a complete idiot..


  14. Getting RG3 is gonna require trading up which will probably be expensive in draft picks this year or in the future. Flynn as a free agent may be the best option, and like mentioned earlier, use the the first pick on Blackmon(may even be able to move back a few slots in the draft to pick up more picks) and add depth to the O-Line after that. No QB is gonna succeed if he can’t stay on his feet. Of course, I’m sure we’ll see their plans before the draft. If they don’t sign Flynn, you can bet the Rams will get a great deal for that #2 pick.


  15. What does it matter what grade they give this draft class…the Redskins always have a good group of players…they just never have a TEAM…that is why they will continue to stink up the bottom of an already overrated and stinky NFC East..


  16. If Flynn is an unrestricted free agent, all he costs is money. Then with the 6th pick you get a right tackle, or a left tackle who competes with Trent Williams and the best plays left, 2nd plays right. The rest of the draft will shake out, but those 2 moves, plus getting your injured guys back, makes Washington a contender next season. A real contender! Hail!


  17. Either a FA or a pick, let’s get somebody who can ball. i would love Free Agency to bring in the QB, then we could trade down in the first, and go for another truck-load of talent like last year.


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