No Increases For Ticket Prices In 2012

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The Washington Redskins announced going into the holiday weekend that there will be no increases to general admission ticket prices for the 2012 season.  This marks the seventh-consecutive year that prices will remain the same at FedExField.

The Washington Redskins will be celebrating its 80th anniversary this upcoming 2012 season.  With such an important historical season, emphasis is being placed on the fan experience.

“We look forward to a historic season and continuing to further enhance the fan experience at FedExField,” said Executive Vice President/General Manager Bruce Allen. “We are sensitive to our loyal fans during these difficult economic times.”

Since 1999, the team has increased general admission ticket prices only three times (prior to the 2000, 2002 and 2006 seasons), a rarity among U.S. professional sports franchises. General admission tickets currently range from $29 to $99. The team’s season tickets have been sold out since 1966.

Mailing of season ticket renewals is expected to begin in mid-January.

0 thoughts on “No Increases For Ticket Prices In 2012

  1. It would be even nicer if they dropped the price for parking..if only for the grey lot..but i guess that asking for much more is a stretch for snyder..because the team is showing so many signs of “improvement”..dont get me wrong definitely happy they at least are being reasonable, its still a lot of money to drop on season tickets


  2. O.K. O.K. here’s the deal.

    The org in CLEVELAND misguidely have a brain-fart, and thinks COLT McCOY will lead them to the promised land if they just have a receiver. Meanwhile, the REDSKINS white-knuckle through picks #2, and #3 without RG3 coming off the board. They trade up to #4 and take RG3 with CLEVELAND’s pick who adds the REDSKINS #2 in the 2012 draft, and take JUSTIN BLACKMON with the #6. Whew, that was close! But the REDSKINS prevail…….hail…… the REDSKINS.


  3. Unbelievable. Last year they at least waited until AFTER the superbowl to mail their season ticket renewal forms.

    Guess what I got in the mail TODAY, the renewal form. Unbelievable. Is Snyder that hard up for cash?

    How about letting the wound heal after a crappy season before pouring salt in it asking for cash!!!


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