Alexander, Hooters Raise Money For ACES

Ever since the One Man Gang’s arrival in Washington in 2006, Lorenzo Alexander has been as dynamic in the Redskins community as he has on the field.  Together with his A.C.E.S. (Accountability, Community, Educational excellence, Sports) Foundation, Alexander has designed programs to guide the youth of the greater-Washington area.

Now, with the help of Hooters of Fairfax, he’s adding further academic programs to his slate of initiatives.  The idea is twofold:

1. Starting as soon as possible, the foundation will be offering an SAT prep program in collaboration with credential educators.  The foundation will offer the following 2 hour workshops to provide youth with information/resources needed to complete high school and prepare for a higher education (college, vocational training) or outline their personal goals:

• High School Graduation Requirements/College Entry Requirements

• SAT Preparation, Review, including:

• Problem Solving Techniques

• Test Taking Strategies

• College Essay Writing

• Scholarships / Financial Aid.

2. Also in the works is a school adoption and mentoring program, similar to the one run by London Fletcher’s organization, “London’s Bridge.”  Alexander and other foundation members would work with students to ensure that they had the guidance and resources to stay in school and stay on a path to success.

Both of these are inspired and necessary initiatives, and you have the opportunity to help see them happen.  Between now and Thursday night, you have a great excuse to go to Hooters of Fairfax, Va. and enter in a raffle sponsored by Alexander.

Proceeds go to benefit the A.C.E.S Foundation, and the winner will be announced on location on Thursday evening.

As if you needed an excuse to go to Hooters–do it for the kids.

0 thoughts on “Alexander, Hooters Raise Money For ACES

  1. Sorry, never been to a HOOTERS in my life. Personal boycott. Should have worked with JOE THEISMANN, MARK MOSELEY, or some other REDSKIN associated with the food industry.


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