Casserly: A Giant Dose Of Confidence

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Despite a disappointing finish to the 2011 season, the Redskins had very rare success against the conference rival Giants, sweeping the season series for the first time since 1999.

On Sunday, the Giants will take on the San Francisco 49ers for the NFC conference crown, leaving Redskins fans to wonder if this has any bearing on the value of the Redskins’s season.’s Gary Fitzgerald felt one way about it, and I outlined another.  With so many variables at play in terms of roster composition and schedule, everyone is entitled to his or her own valid opinion.

Which brings us to former Redskins general manager Charlie Casserly, who approached the issue from the perspective of the players and the organization.  In a recent interview with Jennifer Williams of CSNWashington, he outlined the feeling in the Redskins proverbial locker room, following the Giants’ run of success:

I think, having been in the situation where you beat the team that’s going to the Super Bowl, it makes you feel good.  It gives your players confidence, it gives you confidence in what you’re doing.

Now, you have to understand the bigger picture: you’re not as good as them.  But on those two days that the Redskins beat ’em, they were good enough to win.  So I think it’s a confidence factor for the players and the organization going forward.

I think that’s a very important factor for a team that won only two of the last 12 games, including the final two after an impressive Giants victory.  As far as Redskins wins were concerned this season, they started and ended with the Giants.  And while some will suggest that it’s petty or bitter to celebrate two wins over the Giants, I do think that it will serve as motivation going into the offseason.

These were the thoughts of linebacker Brian Orakpo following the Giants-Packers game on Sunday afternoon:!/rak98/status/158715649974222849!/rak98/status/158715682144530434

Sounds to me like Casserly may have hit that confidence nail on the head.

0 thoughts on “Casserly: A Giant Dose Of Confidence

  1. The Redskins beat the soon-to-be Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers last season. That “dose of confidence” allowed them slip from 6-10 to 5-11 this year. Yes, they swept the Giants… and also lost to the Panthers, Bills, Dolphins and Vikings.


    • @Steve Minard–

      Looking at this year as automatically worse than last year is a tad simplistic, but I don’t think that’s what Casserly is trying to say anyway. He’s not arguing that this team is better or worse than last year–he’s arguing that there are reasons to take confidence from this year that will carry you into next year. Couldn’t you in fact argue that beating the Super Bowl Champion Patriots allowed the Redskins to start out 3-1 this season, despite carrying a much younger, less experienced roster than last year? Sure, it was injuries and suspensions that eventually derailed the 2011 season, but I would caution you not to discount what confidence can do. Only time will tell if it will carry into 2012.


  2. I’ll agree that at times this season they looked a LOT better than they did last season, even if the record didn’t show it. They very easily could have swept the Cowboys too, and played the Patriots tight as well. But as always with this team… I’ll believe it when I see it week-in, week-out, and not just against certain rivals or in playing up to the competition. Getting shut out by the Bills is reason enough to dampen optimism until proven otherwise.


  3. QB:

    Gotta’ be a FA like FLYNN or a mid-round WEEDEN-type pick at QB in the third round. We simply can’t afford to throw picks at a team controlling the RG3 slot, or to INDY for a used up PEYTON MANNING. This team’s not that good……yet! Reason for optimism though!


    Assuming RG3 is off the board, JUSTIN BLACKMON should be our pick at #6. But if he’s also off the board, the ‘SKINS should trade back for picks. If BLACKMON is not taken because he’s unavailable, or because of a trade down, ILLINOIS’ A.J. JENKINS would be a good safe alternative in the early fourth round slot. Great speed and good size at 6’1″, but just a bit light for the pro game at 190. Still a find in a middle-round slot but not higher up.


    Essential for a get in the second round to take over for JAMMAL BROWN whose play is solid, but injury issues are not allowing him to play for any length of time. He should become #3 tackle to this pick and WILLIAMS assuming his toking days are over. If not, we’ll need another pick in the first round for a L-OT as well because WILLIAMS’ next infraction is a one year suspension. Frankly I’m for eventually moving he and DAVIS who are both chowder heads in my book. In a trade down scenerio, IOWA’s RILEY REIFF would be a solid R-OT first round pick. In the second round, BARRETT JONES or D.J. FLUKER would work well if either is available. Otherwise, what’s on the board when we pick.


    LICHTENSTEIGER becomes a RFA, but with that crippling injury is going nowhere. HURT should have a fourth round pick to compete with him, and my choice is MIAMI’s BRANDON WASHINGTON if still on the board with our late fourth pick.


  4. At C we should resign MONTGOMERY and secure SCOTT WELLS in FA from the PACKERS. A R-OT, OG and C will solidify our offensive line needs. A QB and starting WR will go a long way to improving the offense.


    Let’s have a truck-load of competitors for GANO to contend with.



    A NT to take over for COFIELD is needed with NEILD as the back-up, but unless a trade down nets an extra second round pick, a starter is prolly not going to be available. AUBRAYO FRANKLIN with the SAINTS is a FA, and could be a good alternative pick-up before the draft. Both WELLS and FRANKLIN would complete the line rebuild while accelerating the process considerably because the 2013 draft would not have to become a part of the reconstruction.


    Let’s re-sign FLETCHER and FOX, say thanks to ROCKY MAC, and see if JACKSON and MARCUS WHITE are the real deal in that slot.


    We need a high CB pick, but would have none left unless a trade down nets an extra third from some brain-dead GM. FA or 2013 look like the most probable scenerios for improvement in 2012, and KEVIN BARNES may have one more shot to prove out. A trade is possible, but his now ‘experienced’ results from 2011 won’t command any respect or demand around the league. PHILLIP BUCHANON……who’s he? BYRON WESTBROOK is merely adequate and a FA. I don’t thaink he’ll be resigned unless the construct of the 2012 team dictates it by necessity. We need help here, and BRANDYN THOMPSON is all that’s in the house.


    ATOGWE is adequate at FS and back-up MOORE is gone – found wanting. DeJON GOMES may be the answer if healthy, and if the injuries in 2011 don’t cut into his speed. We need a seventh round pick here as that’s all that’s left short of trade-down extra picks.

    At SS, LANDREY is a ?-mark. I can’t see him leaving with the injury history he has despite his extrodinarily high level of play. I say he resigns with another make-good, one-year deal, and we go searching in round five for a replacement for REED DOUGHTY who needs to improve his late-arrival tackling techniques. He tries hard, but just is a bit too slow on the defensive uptake. However, short of a FA upgrade, or extra picks from trade-downs, he may be on this team until the 2013 draft.


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