Orakpo-Sack-Themed Vanity License Plate

AP Image

For the third-consecutive season, linebacker Brian Orakpo led the Redskins in sacks, despite a strong challenge from rookie Ryan Kerrigan.  Orakpo tallied nine sacks this season–nearly one-quarter of the team’s 41–and finally got his first career sacks of division rivals Eli Manning and Michael Vick.

Orakpo also became the first member of the Redskins to record at least 8.5 sacks in three consecutive seasons since Dexter Manley accomplished the feat across four consecutive seasons from 1983-89.  The team has had a number of quality pass rushers since Manley and Charles Mann left, but none with results as consistent as Orakpo.

All of these numbers and stats are a long way of saying that now is the time to get your commemorative vanity license plate (via @acb0819, of her friend’s truck):

The above photo was tweeted to Orakpo (@Rak98), who in turn retweeted it to the world.

If you’re looking for other Orakpo-themed ideas, my personal favorite is Orak-pwned.  There are also a host of lovely ideas presented by the Orakpo-Geico caveman commercials:

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What Redskins player would you tribute a vanity plate to, and why?

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