Carriker: Jenkins, Happiest Rookie Ever

Redskins defensive end Adam Carriker recently appeared on the ESPN 980 Sports Fix with Kevin Sheehan and Thom Leverro to discuss his season in review.

After discussing his own impending free agent status, he also talked about rookie prospect Jarvis Jenkins, who looked to be on the fast track to playing time before injury.  As with any measure of success, it’s one thing to hear it from outsiders–but it’s another thing to turn heads among your peers.

According to Carriker, Jenkins’s enthusiastic mindset set him apart from any other rookie he’d ever seen:

I mean, he surprised me–not in the fact of how he played or anything–but just in that training camp is tough.  And most rookies, after about the first week…most of them have never been through anything like that before, and they go in the tank and emerge maybe around Week 1 or 2.

He never did that.  I mean, he was always smiling–he’s gotta be the happiest rookie I’ve ever seen at training camp in my life.  I mean, he always came to camp with a smile on his face and was always ready to work.  And that was kind of amazing to me, because like I said, he was the only rookie I’ve ever seen do that.

Every athlete wants to reap the benefits of hard work, but it’s rare to find an athlete who really, truly, honestly relishes the pain and sacrifice of getting better.  But even the most resolute of mighty men needs a down day from time-to-time, right?  Carriker agreed–Jenkins had just one mediocre day:

One day he came, and he’s like, ‘Man, today’s a rough day.’  Other than that, that was it.  That’s what impressed me the most about him.

As a teammate, Carriker was disappointed to see Jenkins fall to injury, but maintains his confidence in Jenkins’s bright future.  If he can stay healthy, the Redskins landed a quality NFL lineman:

As far as on the field, I mean in practice he did well, in the preseason games he did well.  I mean, I woulda liked to have seen what he could do in the regular season, because the regular season is a whole different animal.

Hopefully he comes back and he’s ready to go…If he healthy and can practice for a whole regular season, I think he can be a really good player.

And this is really good news for the Redskins.

0 thoughts on “Carriker: Jenkins, Happiest Rookie Ever

  1. it take too much to trade up for one player no matter how talented he is, i believe if the redskins were to draft the top interior line man with that 6th over all pick or trade down.. pick up a vet qb like a flynn . we shell improve because we must not forget the talent we do have on offense with high potental like a , l.hankerson ,n. paul, even e.royster all whose production was either cut short due to injury or because of rex’s miss handeling of the football all season one man 20+ turnovers is rediculious.. .Dont get me wrong Justin blackmon is a great player but the redskins to be honest have other holes to fill other then at the wr position.our main focus is to fill our QB position (keep Rex,he’s a good backup) we need depht in offensive line and more depht at reciever. defense side of the ball our whole secondary needs attention. draft an air to londan fletcher . and as a true redskins fan we have to have faith in what were are doing and plan to do ..”exicute ,dominate, and finish”….


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