Practice Bubble Time Lapse Video

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Late Friday afternoon, we announced right here on that the Redskins practice bubble was finally off the ground.  As of closing time at Redskins Park, she wasn’t quite off the ground.  As of sundown, she was still rising.  When the snow began, she was standing tall, and by morning the bubble had risen to a proud 96 feet.

The bubble now dominates the skyline in Loudoun County, and can be spotted from the Loudoun County Parkway and Rt. 7.  Once the blanket of fog lifts out of the DMV, we’ll see how far away it can really be seen.  Check out Redskins Nation’s Larry Michael with the Friday report and cool time lapse inflation:

[castfire id=”castFireVideo” guid=”UwIWI” width=”620″ filename=”847851/redskins_2012-01-21-121851.895.m4v”]

There will be more to come on the specifics of the dimensions and features in the days and weeks to come, as they finish the inside and put down the playing surface.  For now, it’s a mammoth endeavor that’s finally reaching fruition.

Here’s a quick panoramic shot of the inside of the bubble.  The white noise you hear are the powerful, yet energy-efficient fans that keep the bubble inflated:

0 thoughts on “Practice Bubble Time Lapse Video

  1. I’ts about time that the Skins have a place to pratice when the weather is bad. The other guys up I95 have had one for quite some time and it has served them well. Money well spent guys!!


  2. These “powerful, yet energy-efficient fans” are Redskins fans, yes? In a pinch, I think Larry M and the other announcers could keep the bubble inflated all by themselves. Remembering the Vikings’ ceiling collapse, I wonder how much snow and wind the bubble is designed to windstand. In the recent past, Redskins bubbles have collapsed about the fourth week of the regular season. Let’s hope this bubble brings good luck!


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