Senior Bowl Hall Of Fame Full Of Redskins

As the Redskins coaching staff prepares to take the field with the South Team for the first Senior Bowl practices of the year, it inspired me to peruse the the Senior Bowl website for more interesting angles.


It turns out that 11-of-95 listed Senior Bowl Hall Of Fame members have at least moderate Redskins ties, with six of those being well-known legends in the Nation’s Capital.  Here’s the complete list, starting with the star power:

Dave Butz, DL, Redskins 1975-1988.

Doug Williams, QB, Redskins 1986-1989.

Sam Huff, LB, Redskins 1964-1969.

Art Monk, WR, Redskins 1980-1993.

Jack Pardee, FB/LB, Redskins 1971-1973, HC, Redskins 1978-1980.

Paul Krause, DB, Redskins 1964-1967.

With the exception of Pardee, each of these men has been honored as one of the 70 Greatest Redskins.  Krause, Monk and Huff are all Pro Football Hall Of Famers.

As for players and coaches that were associated with the Redskins, but not really known for their time here in Washington, here’s the rundown:

Jason Taylor, DE, Redskins 2008

Pat Sullivan, QB, Redskins 1976-1977

Marty Schottenheimer, HC, Redskins 2001

Shaun Alexander, RB, Redskins 2008

Larry Johnson, RB, Redskins 2010

According to a press release by the Senior Bowl, quarterback Donovan McNabb is expected to be the 12th Redskins player or coach enshrined in the game’s Hall Of Fame during this week’s festivities.  Which Redskins list do you think he belongs on? (This is a joke.)

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