Doc’s Orders: Scouting The Senior Bowl

via NFL Network

In 2011, the Redskins joined most coaching staffs in Mobile, Ala. to scout the nation’s best four-year collegiate stars.  From there, they used six-of-12 draft picks on Senior Bowl participants, including the first three in a row.  This was more than any other team in the NFL.

Here’s the graphic on the six, as seen this afternoon on the NFL Network’s coverage of the Senior Bowl:

via NFL Network

Here are some additional facts about this dirty half-dozen:

  • Redskins selected a Senior Bowl participant in each of the first five rounds and six-of-seven.
  • They collectively appeared in 64 games, starting 25.
  • They collectively were nominated for six NFL rookie of the week nominations, winning on rookie of the month award.
  • They grew some of the best facial hair in the the DMV.

Word out of Mobile, Ala. is that head coach Mike Shanahan considers this to be a major scouting opportunity, and his drafting record with the Redskins reflects that.

Another familiar Redskins face with intimate knowledge of the Senior Bowl is former Redskins player Rick ‘Doc’ Walker.  Walker was named lineman of the year as a senior at UCLA in 1977 and appeared in that year’s Senior Bowl.  Thirty-five years later, he sat down with Redskins Nation’s Larry Michael to discuss the importance of scouting this particular event (via

[castfire id=”castFireVideo” guid=”UwIWI” width=”620″ filename=”849567/csn_2012-01-23-191407.1535.m4v”]

It’s like training camp.  These guys can have a good game, bad game, but you can have a good week of work or a great week of work.  You might avenge a bad week of work with a great game or vice versa, but you know more about the guy.  You get to go out with the guy and have dinner with him.  You get to find out about who they are.

I like body language outside of drills.  How does a guy react when he misses a pass…is he a pouter, a blamer?  Is he a guy that can just recover?  You learn so many things about a guy when you’re there all week long.

Today’s Shanahan-led South Team practice was the first fully-padded practice of the week, and was aired on NFL Network.  We’ll have more from today’s practice and the coverage leading up to Saturday’s game.

0 thoughts on “Doc’s Orders: Scouting The Senior Bowl

  1. Look this entire organization was a nightmare the past 10-12 years. We have been through what 5 coaches, tried to buy a super team (Eagles proved it dont work), paid hundreds of millions and picks for players we tried to force in. Shanny may not be the best coach ever (though he may go to Canton) but this organization has changed and improved. Fat Albert is gone and we got what a 5th round pick?? Isn’t he out of football now all together? The attitude has changed, we have young players (6 from the senior bowl 2011 drafted and played) who want to win. We can get an FA or two and I say we go after RG3!!! This guy is a monster. His statistics are out of the statoshpere (google this guy)…. At the very least we have to explore the option… dont we? Matt Flyyn did pass for 470 yds 5 TD’s and that has only been done in history 7 times, (flynn and Stafford), 4 hall of fame Qb’s, and Peyton M. whom is sure to go to the hall of fame….. Go Shanny, fire all them sacs, bring in young talent, draft picks, and build a team that has depth at every position SO WE CAN COMPETE. BUT PLEASE GET A QB!!!!! Enough said go Shanny… Hey We be the Giants twice and they are playing for the Lombardi


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