Tuesday Senior Bowl Notes: The Coaches

via NFL Network

There were many reasons to be excited about watching today’s NFL Network coverage of the Shanahan-led Senior Bowl South Team’s practice.

For media, this was the first time since training camp that they’ve been privy to a practice in its entirety.  For most fans, this was the first opportunity to see how Redskins coaches interact with their respective group of position players.

I just thought it was pleasant to watch a “Redskins” practice from my living room.  I’m all about the simple things in life.

Here are some screen shots taken from today’s television coverage, with a focus on the Redskins coaching staff:

Head coach Mike Shanahan oversaw practice with the same subdued manner that we’ve come to expect from him.  If anything, this was more subdued than normal because he doesn’t need to coach anyone up; these practices are more similar to a job interview than a developmental opportunity:

via NFL Network

Offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan took a far more hands-on approach (as per usual), working closely with the skill players at quarterback and wide receiver, two positions that he’s coached in the past.  Oklahoma State’s Brandon Weeden may have been the star pupil under center, but cameras showed Kyle working extensively with Arizona’s Nick Foles (No. 8) as well:

via NFL Network

via NFL Network

The offensive and defensive lines got a lot of coverage, especially early in practice, because the players were fully padded.  Individual drills and 1-on-1’s were orchestrated by defensive line coach Jacob Burney and offensive line coach Chris Morgan.  Burney was shown coaching his players to stay low to the ground and run with a compact approach:

via NFL Network

Players brought a lot of intensity to the 1-on-1 battles, and a few spilled over into extra shoves after the whistle.  Burney and Morgan worked patiently to keep the prospects on-task:

via NFL Network

Redskins fans got the first look (if only a quick glance) at Bob Slowik and Raheem Morris in the new roles on the defensive staff.  NFL Network analyst Heath Evans reported that the South Team’s receiver vs. cornerback battles were “a lot more competive” and physical than the North Team’s earlier that day:

via NFL Network

via NFL Network

Defensive coordinator Jim Haslett was also on hand, drifting between the defensive components and giving instruction where necessary.  He is not only observing the player prospects, but also feeling out Slowik’s transition to linebackers and Morris’s style with the defensive backs:

via NFL Network

All-in-all, it looked to be a competitive and productive day at work for the Redskins coaching staff.  Hopefully this up-close exposure to the players will pay off in the weeks and months to come.

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