Alexander Named To NFL’s ‘All-Joe Team’

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In the 4C section of today’s USA TODAY, Redskins linebacker Lorenzo Alexander was named to the “20th Annual All-Joe Team.”

This caps off a big year for the One Man Gang, in which he:

But this latest honor may be the most fitting of all.  USA TODAY has honored the unsung Joes of the NFL since 1992. Only players who have never been named to the Pro Bowl during their careers are eligible.

Now he can add an award that highlights the hard-working gridiron grunts that don’t get nearly the accolades that they so richly deserve.  While it may sound like a consolation prize, in the realm of blue-collar workers, it’s a badge of honor.

This was his succinct, but accurate bio in the article:

ST: Lorenzo Alexander, Redskins – Captain of special teams led unit with 21 tackles. One of the game’s good guys, he’s played tight end, linebacker and on both lines in his career.

Here are some Alexander highlights compiled by his agent, in an effort to get him Pro Bowl votes.  Very impressive work:

The Redskins have taken on a distinctly blue-collar appeal in recent years, as this is the third consecutive year that a players has been named to the team.  Last year, receiver Anthony Armstrong was named to the team after rising from the ranks of the Intense Football League.  In 2009, defensive end Andre Carter was given the nod for his ability to defend against the pass and run.

Congratulations, Lorenzo and keep up the good work!

0 thoughts on “Alexander Named To NFL’s ‘All-Joe Team’

  1. As soon as Nike takes over the apparel contract (and numbers are finalized), I’m ordering my L.Alexander jersey. We may have a tough road ahead to get this team into shape for repeated post-season runs, full of holes at key starting positions and lacking depth where it’s most needed, but we do have players we can be proud of – for their intensity and conduct on and off the field. Many would have us believe that the team is so devoid of playmakers, that we must target players whose physical gifts alone make them an instant threat to opponents. 6’3″, 220lb receivers and quarterbacks with all the right moves. But players like Alexander and Fletcher are rarer still because they match the talent they were given with the commitment to contribute something more than the sum of their size and speed. Their leadership on and off the field is appreciated by this Skins fan and will be an asset to our coaches and players as they work to improve on an underachieving 2011 season. Congrats on the award Lorenzo and HTTR!


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