Players Allowed To Tweet From Pro Bowl


Tired of watching a three-hour football exhibition without knowing exactly what the participating NFL players were thinking?  Upset that the NFL banned players from tweeting, starting 90 minutes before kickoff and ending 45 minutes after the final whistle?

Well, this tweet is for you, sports fans.

The NFL’s public relations staff confirmed a story originally broken by CNBC’s sports marketing guru, Darren Rovel (@darrenrovel), via Twitter of all things.  Here’s the scoop:

As a blogger, I’m fascinated by up-to-the-minute thumb thoughts of the players, specifically (in this situation) London Fletcher.  I also understand that the NFL is embracing new, innovative ways to enhance the fan experience of an otherwise meaningless game.

On the other hand, I think there’s good reason for banning in-game tweets during regular NFL games.  Call me old-fashioned, but when games matter, I want my players focused on football, not finding the perfect witty #hashtag.

In other Pro Bowl news, today was Picture Day for the Hawaiin lei-wearing London Fletcher (via @LFletcher59):

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