Cheerleader Abby Reps Redskins Well

London Fletcher wasn’t the only Washingtonian lighting up the night in Honolulu yesterday, as he was joined by Redskins Cheerleader Abby Dymond on the sidelines.

This special honor was voted on by her Cheerleader teammates, to represent them at the Pro Bowl.  The honor was announced as a surprise at the Redskins-Jets game on Dec. 4, in front of a capacity crowd.

While in Hawaii over the last week, she was part of a squad of the NFL’s best cheerleaders.  Along with their performance at the Pro Bowl game, she made several appearances around the island to speak with community, military and corporate leaders.

Here’s her montage from the ‘Ohana Day Celebration at Aloha Stadium on Saturday:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Abby has been a Washington Redskins Cheerleader for seven seasons and a captain for the past two seasons. Along with her role as a captain on team, she has traveled on 10 military appreciation tours, including tours to Iraq and Afghanistan, to boost the morale of our nation’s troops.

In order to wish her congratulations in the Pro Bowl, her Redskins Cheerleader teammates sent her an edible, tropical good luck:

Looks like fun–congratulations, Abby!

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