Jacoby: Team Needs ‘We-Over-Me’ Players

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Today marks the 29th anniversary of the Redskins victory over the Dolphins in Super Bowl XVII, a rematch of Super Bowl VII a decade before.

This was the first of three Super Bowl titles for the franchise, and the start of a magical ride with head coach Joe Gibbs at the helm.  It was also the rise of ‘Riggo’ and ‘The Hogs’ in the D.C. vernacular, making champions of three teams and legends of men.

A key contributor to this dynasty was left tackle Joe Jacoby, who stuck the block that sprung John Riggins for the long touchdown run that sealed Super Bowl XVII.  In each of his first two Super Bowls, Jacoby’s Hogs led the way for record breaking rushing performances, with team totals of 276 and 280 yards on the ground.

Earlier today, Jacoby reflected on his memories of Super Bowl XVII, where the franchise is, and what they need to return to glory (via ABC3 Winchester):

It’s hard to believe…it felt like it was yesterday.  To me, I haven’t aged–but I know I’ve aged.  The memories are still fresh, and very vivid of that day.  I was 23 at that time, and how many 20-year-olds are doing something like that in the middle of Los Angeles?

And I can still remember after we won, I was flying in a helicopter at 4 o’clock in the morning, pacific time, to do one of those morning shows, and I’m thinking, ‘Wow.’  And I’m looking at all the lights and stuff, and it was a pretty surreal moment for me–a kid from Louisville, Kentucky.

As an offensive lineman, Jacoby was in the ultimate team-player position of all guts and only team glory.  With his help, the three Super Bowl-winning Redskins quarterbacks were kept upright and the running game kept rolling.

Jacoby attributes the two-decade Super Bowl drought to a change in culture around the team.  In order to get back to their winning ways, the Redskins are going to need to more team-players–and he thinks they have the right guys at the helm (via ABC3, Winchester):

And hopefully, they bring in a lot of guys that say ‘we’ instead of ‘me.’  And I think that’s been a lot of the issues over the years–there was a lot of me guys and not a lot of we guys.

To see the fall, and to see how they’re trying to get back to that…Now they’ve gotta be successful in the people that they choose to bring in, in this organization…Hopefully with Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan, that is the proper way to do that.

With last year’s draft and free agent class, there was a remarkable transformation for a group of individuals into a team.  Hopefully, with the continued work of the coaching staff and scouts, the team will find some more Jacoby’s in the rough.

0 thoughts on “Jacoby: Team Needs ‘We-Over-Me’ Players

  1. Shanny’s been on the job for two years now and the win total has been the same.

    At some point, you just have to accept the fact that he really has no plan for success. The biggest issue is at QB. It doesn’t matter whether your WRs are good or not if you have no one technically proficient enough to get them the damn ball.

    CB is another area that needs significant upgrades.


  2. Sorry, Carl, but I have to disagree. Shanahan came in less than two years ago to find a team that was old, broken, unmotivated, and literally embarassing to watch on both offense and defense. Since then, he has lowered the average age of the team by nearly 5 years, switched the defense to a 3-4 scheme (which I think we can all agree made huge strides this season), developed 2 Pro-Bowl-caliber pass rushers, as well as a solid line-backing corp. Not to mention the promising–and young– RB corp we now have.

    Last year Shanny and Bruce focused on rebuilding the defense, which is essential to have for a rookie QB to be successful–look at Andy Dalton and TJ Yates’ season vs. Christian Ponder and Cam Newtons’. Now that our defense is on the right track, we can bring in a rookie QB and not have to rely on him to carry the whole team. Mark my words, a lot of offensive players acquired in the draft.

    I agree with you about the CB’s, but now we have Raheem Morris as D-backs coach!



  3. Carl you are not 007. Besides you are too negative nellie.

    BTW tell us something we don’t already know in regard to this team. QB and CB are two obvious needs, but ripping SHANAHAN will do no good. He’s here until he isn’t, and that’s after the 2013 season in my book at the earliest. By then, I expect the REDSKINS to be one of the top five teams in the NFL. BRUCE ALLEN is a wiz of a GM. This team is on the rise and anyone who can’t see that has no vision.


  4. 007, you are totally clueless about football. People like you sing the same optimistic tune before each season, only to be left grasping at straws and pulling out their hair.

    Allen is a better GM than Cousin Vinnie was, but that’s not saying a lot. We do have some bright spots, but until QB is solidified, it won’t even matter. Running an offense without a top-flight QB is like trying to paint a portrait without a paint brush.

    To be one of the top five teams in the league, you need a system and intelligent people to run that system. Shanny’s had two years now to install and tweak his system, but has nothing to show for it.

    At some point, the truth should become obvious.


  5. CARL007:

    Look who’s clueless…..CARL.

    REDSKINS will load up on talent once again in FA and this draft with needs at R-OT, back-up G and C, TE, WR, RB, NT, ILB, CB, SS, FS, K and most importantly QB.

    QB is the paramount need, but not much chance of filling it with a superior talent this year. Unless a quality QB can be had in FA, the REDSKINS will opt to fill other needs first, and leave the QB slot to resolve itself in 2013.

    Therefor, 2012 may not be any better than 2011, but by the end of the 2013 season, expect the REDSKINS to make a dramatic rise with MATT BARKLEY’s rights being exchanged for a truck-load of picks in 2013 and 2014.. BARKLEY is the QB needed to man this system.


  6. Don, while I agree with some of your points, the bottom line is that the win total has not improved. Don’t you think that in Year 2 of rebuilding, there would be at least a 2-3 game improvement?

    Rebuilding starts with the lines and QB. Now while we made great strides in the areas of RB, youth and LB, we’re still stuck in mud at QB, OL and the secondary. The WRs performed about as well as could be expected, given the two sad sacks who played QB for us.

    My two teams are the Skins and Dolphins, but Washington is #1, while Miami is a distant #1A. It’s sad to say, but the Fish seemed to have made more strides than the Skins this past season, and that’s saying a lot, considering the fact that we had a lame duck head coach.

    This is Year 3 coming up — we can’t backslide or tread water any longer.


  7. 007, are you really as dumb as you sound, or is it all just an act???

    The Skins need to go after GB’s Matt Flynn — I believe the Packers will part with him for a 2nd round pick. Waiting until 2013 for Barkley will mean basically giving up on the 2012 season — don’t Skins fans deserve better?

    We basically need to secure Flynn, cut Hall and Cooley, find a backup TE, shore up the d-line and lock in a top-flight CB.

    All of the needs you cited would be impossible to satisfy through free agency — there isn’t enough money. And isn’t going the FA route what killed this franchise in the first place?

    Try thinking a little before writing, ok?


  8. CARL:

    You’re the one with you head where the sun doesn’t shine.

    There are so many ways to go here it’s impossible to predict until we’ve signed our own FA’s that we’re keeping, and others to fill holes like K CONNER BARTH.

    If FLYNN’s one, fine. If they draft WEEDEN, fine. If they re-sign the GROSS-Man fine. if they wait for BARKLEY, fine.

    But by no means should they give up draft choices of any kind for PEYTON MANNING or MATT FLYNN and certaiinly not to move on RG3.

    If that’s means another season of wandering in the wilderness fine. The REDSKINS fans deserve a top flight winner which a superior talent at QB alone will not give them now. So if getting all the weapons to win other that a top QB can be accomplished this year, then do it and wait another year to add la piece du resistance.

    Calling SHANAHAN inept because your impatience clouds your thought process, or scoffing at those of us fans with clarity of vision simply exposes your poor judgement for all of us to see.


  9. Another season of GROSS MAN??? My heart won’t last another season with that horror show of a QB.

    It’s possible to get many of the pieces we need, sign an upgrade at QB AND win in 2012 — the three things don’t necessarily have to be mutually exclusive, as you insist.

    I agree with you that we should not give up draft picks for Manning. However, if Beck and/or Grossman are still on the roster on opening day, it will be tragic.

    Don’t confuse clear vision with unfounded optimism.


  10. CARL:

    You know I’m just messin’ with you right? There’s so many scenerios to consider here after March 13, there’s no way to really know what will be done at QB or any of the other myriad slots that need an upgrade. I do hope QB can be solved ………finally. After McNABB and the GROSS/BECK-man, I’m beginning to think that the SHANNY’s don’t know their arse from a bull-fiddle about the QB position. Maybe JIM ZORN’s still around…………..

    I do think ALLEN will get these guys what they need on offense and defense however. It will take another two FA periods and drafts to finally get this roster somewhere near to a competitive level. Just hang in there another year, and things will really start looking up………….or there will be another coaching change.

    Irrespective of coaching results however, ALLEN has done a great job and should stay as GM.


  11. Well….you can’t dispel or dismiss Carl’s passion for this team and their success. We all love our beloved Hogs and Redskins. However, you really can’t base Shannahan’s success (or failure, in Carl’s position) based off of the first season, due to inheriting mostly a bunch of overpaid, overhyped, and over aged players out to “get theirs”. He did what he could with semi-talented players and made a decent first season. Alas, out with the old, in with the new this year. I think an honest evaluation of our Skins would show that most of our rookies played AND they really showed promise. That seems pretty indicative of a great knowledge and ability to choose good talent in the lesser known college prospects by Shanny. Now, back down to business with FA and the draft… Yup. QB has to be a primary need. I love Flynn, but I also agree, but we can’t give up any top draft picks for him (and Shanny wouldn’t do that anyway). Weeder is too old for Shanny to risk LONG TERM development.
    I guess what I want to emphasize to all of us Redskins Nation fans…patience. It’s been 20 years, I know. We can wait one more year to see the fruits of our two decade long pain. I believe in Shannahan, and the type of players he’s brought in are that of Jacoby’s liking. We before Me. –Hail!


  12. I think RG# is a top draft pick so giving one or two is worth the risk…We need to go after Peyton hard if he is available and then draft a backup for him to teach..Jacoby is right to not get me first players but sometimes that takes a lot of investiagting. there are Olineman FA out there that can help. We need a combination of both FA and a good 2012 draft..


  13. Honestly, I think everything else will stabilize once a good QB is in place. This is a team that did beat the possible Super Bowl champs twice this season, so there are pieces there.

    Still, I would like to see Shanahan come out and admit that the team needs a top-flight signal caller badly. His silence is what scares me. This guy seems to believe he’s still in Denver and that Elway will soon appear over center.


  14. CARL:

    That silence says to me that he’s pretty open-minded toward getting the QB of the future on the one hand, and trying to repeat the draft performance of last year on the other. I say, if he has key elements after FA, he goes all in for a QB. If not, SHANAHAN will emulate last year and pick up as much talent as possible through the draft.

    Slots I would consider essential this year are:


    If two thru four in those areas are secured by top FA’s then I believe ALLEN would get a QB in the draft.


  15. I agree with RCness’s comment about shanahan’s first year. He did inherit a large group of overpaid and aged players who didn’t fit the schemes on offense and defense. They also were not exactly team first players. 2nd year…He kept the people with good character and youth and who could also fit the schemes they were implementing. There was a dramatic roster overhaul. The D-line is pretty solid, especially when we get Jarvis Jenkins back at DE. The LB’s are doing a really good job…Kerrigan will continue to get better, RAK is solid, fletcher is still amazing and a great leader, and Perry Riley emerged as a great player close to the line of scrimmage. I can’t remember seeing Riley being in coverage a lot so I cant speak for that aspect. Fletcher will need a replacement soon. the secondary is good…landry needs to be resigned, FS will be atogwe or gnomes and we have good corners. Could the CB play be improved?…I would say yes. OFFENSE…the O-line is good, but I do agree we need a RT. (No more suspensions though!) Lichtenstieger getting hurt didnt help. Our TEs are great…also stay away from suspension. Our young RB’s are doing great and our young FB…darryl young is promising as well. WR’s…moss is still a great player and gaffney did a good job as well. niles paul and another young wr who’s name escapes me now are promising too. With hankerson healthy we will have size, but he does need to improve his catching a bit. All that being said, we NEED a QB…flynn is a possibility, or RGIII who is very smart and was on his way to law school. I really wanted barkley, but that would involve waiting another year now.

    NEEDS…QB, RT, CB, and continue to build depth everywhere


  16. Oh yea…and improve the kicking game. I played soccer for 15 years and it’s actually really easy to kick field goals from 50+ yards. They just need to be calm, which i agree is not easy to find.


  17. JDubya757:

    i would love to see a new nickle corner-back through FA. My choice is restricted FA GREG TOLAR, a local D.C. talent now with the CARDINALS. However, I would only offer a contract, no picks for him.

    A more expensive option would ber WILLIAM GAY currently with the STEELERS.


  18. I’d say QB, a big slot WR, and CB are the most pressing needs. Dangelo Hall can’t cover a ham sandwich. And out safeties are very overrated. Landry is a big hitter, but he blows a ton of assignments.


  19. Carl007:

    JUSTIN BLACKMON is being mocked too high for #6, but if he’s there when we pick, I sure would take him. Same with QB RG3 – I know, impossible without selling out the draft for two years. If we stick with #6, a top CB is the highest probability on the board. TRENT RICHARDSON would be next, but I think taking a RB that high is a really weak pick and makes for a potentially poor draft.


  20. Another thing that would help, Joe, Mitch, Darrel, Art, DSexter all show up the first day this year and call all of them out on the damn carpet.


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