A Happy Belated Birthday Song For No. 85

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Twenty-three years ago (yesterday), the tick-tock started on the ‘Hank Time’ clock.  Via Leonard Hankerson’s twitter (@HankTime85):

It didn’t go completely unnoticed in Redskins Nation that Monday was Hankerson’s big day, I confess that I just didn’t have a compelling reason to write about it.

That is, until Hankerson spent his first full day as a 23-year-old reading with area children as part of the Charitable Foundation’s ‘Redskins Read’ program.  Then it became a very special event for everyone.

The students and staff at the Longview School were very appreciative of their visitor, and had a big birthday welcome for the young receiver:

In addition, another classroom of students made a Redskins-themed birthday card for the rookie wideout:

Allow me to put this in perspective.

For a young playmaker like Hankerson, this is a critical offseason, as he recovers from a torn labrum in his hip.  So far, he has done everything asked of him by the organization to prepare for next season, and has really dedicated his time to recovering his health and improving his game.

That’s commitment to your team.

But what Hankerson did today goes a step beyond that.  Much has been said about this franchise’s new emphasis on character, but there are few examples as bright as Hankerson’s choice to share his birthday celebration with some of his youngest, biggest fans:

It was touching to see how warmly he interacted with the students, and it’s a gift that needs no qualification.  Kudos, Leonard, and happy belated birthday.

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