An Afternoon Word With The Material Girl

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While halftime during the regular season may be a good time for refilling the the salsa bowl and going to the bathroom, the Super Bowl Halftime Show has become an experience unto itself.

Memories of Britney Spears and and N’Sync mangling Aerosmith songs are topped only by the Janet Jackson fiasco in 2004.  After years of safe picks, the NFL is taking a walk back on the wild side this year with Madonna on center stage.

Since most of you will be watching the game on Sunday, I figured I’d use my insider perspective to show the citizens of Redskins Nation what to expect.  Madonna addressed the media this afternoon, and fielded a range of exotic questions.

As far as the press conference was concerned, this was the largest assembly of media I’ve ever seen.  Here’s a panoramic view from the side of the room:

Then, first–and perhaps most importantly–Madonna assured that there will be “no wardrobe malfunctions.  Promise.”  Thanks, Janet, for inspiring that question of every female (and some male performers) until the end of time.  I hope it was worth it.

Secondly, Madonna admitted that she doesn’t watch much football and has never been to Indianapolis, but she’s really excited to be here.  She also offered her medical assessment of Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski’s reported high ankle sprain.

You can’t say she’s not tough.

“A lot of fans would say I’m a masochist, but I would tape it up, say a prayer, take some anti-inflammatory medicine, and get my butt out and play!”

And the very best answer of the press conference was also the very shortest–just two letters.  When asked by a local student reporter what was the craziest thing that she’s seen since being in town for the Super Bowl, she simply responded without a hitch: “Me.”

Well played, Madonna.  If you want to see the full press conference, check it out:

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