Burgundy And Gold Flavor In Indianapolis

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Good morning Redskins Nation and welcome to Indianapolis, on the eve of one of the biggest sporting events in the world: Super Bowl XLVI.

While I will have plenty to share in terms of my experiences from the front lines, perhaps the easiest way to begin is to tell a story through imagery.

From the moment I touched down at the airport yesterday, I’ve been inundated with Super Bowl logos and imagery keeping a particular eye out for links to the Redskins.  Here are a few notes that I came away with:

  • With an NFC East and AFC East team in the big dance, I’ve seen remarkably fewer fans supporting the other teams from those divisions.  That means a lot fewer Redskins fans than I would have hoped for, but also fewer Cowboys fans–so I’ll take the trade.  Here was a throwback to John Riggins fan in the Super Bowl village:
  • Both the Westin and Marriott hotels downtown are celebrating the Super Bowl with imagery on the front of their buildings.  While the Westin goes with a simple “XLVI,” the Marriott showcases one of the biggest Lombardi trophies…well, ever.  Admire:

When we strolled past Lucas Oil Stadium at about 9:30 p.m., there was a light show going on inside that was likely associated with the Madonna Super Bowl Halftime Show.  I doubt the Material Girl was in attendance, so I imagine they got a body double to stand in.  Perhaps Lady Gaga was available?

  • Walking back towards the center of town, I ran into a tall man wearing a dark hooded-sweatshirt.  Wondering where I had seen it before, it finally occurred to me that it was the Redskins’ own Rick ‘Doc’ Walker, making his way back from dinner.  The good Doctor is in town on behalf of ESPN 980, but was taking a stroll through the festivities on his way back to his hotel.  Good to see a familiar face, and a reminder that you’re never far from Washington.
  • There was a tent near the NFL Fan Experience (which I will have more on, later) that had each of the 32 teams’ logos plastered on the outside.  Feeling nostalgic, I grabbed a shot of the NFL’s finest:

That’s all for now–much much more to come in the coming hours and days.  This week may not be what Redskins fans envisioned in August, but I assure you that the team is well represented in Indianapolis.  This is a celebration for the Burgundy and Gold as well, and a toast to the past and the future.

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