FOX Ranks Redskins’ Super Bowls Low

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For the fans of 30 NFL teams (including the Redskins), Sunday’s Super Bowl matchup between the Patriots and Giants was difficult to watch.

But jealousy aside, the game had storylines in advance, quality play throughout, and a dramatic ending that needed 60 minutes to decide.  In short, it will likely go down as one of the more interesting games in Super Bowl history.

Not so for the three Redskins Super Bowl victories–at least according to a recent list by Fox Sports.  Of the 45 games on the list (prior to Sunday’s 46th), the Redskins ranked as high as 38th, and no lower than 18th.  Even in the Super Bowl VII loss to the 1972 Dolphins, the game ranked no higher than 14th.

The list was compiled based on three standards of ranking: overall quality of play, competitiveness of the game, and historical significance. Here’s the rundown of Redskins victories:

For the very reasons that are listed in the description, this was a historically significant game for Washington.  Let us also not forget that this was nationally significant in Canada, as native Canuck Mark Rypien kissed his country’s first Lombardi trophy.

But I can understand how this game was not significant to the rest of the country, so we move on to No. 20:

Similar to Sunday’s rematch between the Patriots and Giants, this was a Redskins-Dolphins matchup a decade in the making.  After the Redskins were victim to the Dolphins perfect 1972 season, capped off with a win in Super Bowl VII, they got their revenge in Super Bowl XVII, coming from behind for the win.

Again, exciting for Washington, but probably not historically significant for the rest of the league.  Which brings us to:

If there was a more historically significant game in NFL history, I would be entertained to hear the argument.  Williams was a disrespected, re-tread quarterback who came to Washington to be a backup.  Seizing opportunity at the time of its arrival, Williams spun gold that season, throwing for 340 yards and four touchdowns, blowing out John Elway and the Broncos.

I can accept that the game lacked competitiveness, but the historical significance and overall quality of play were underrated on this list.

Now I turn things over to you.  Which of these three games most deserved to be ranked higher?  Vote and comment below:

0 thoughts on “FOX Ranks Redskins’ Super Bowls Low

  1. Another draft like last year and this current team will be Playoff material. I just hope out secondary can get younger while trying to build the offense. Tavon Branch over Landry, buy Chris, C HOU, buy Peyton, Trade down, take Floyd and Cordy with Zach Brown, Josh Morgan and Tannehill. Buy Manningham and FDavis with Cooley at a true HB. Sign Tolbert instead of Hightower and my dream list is complete.


  2. I will agree that to many XXII was the best of the three. However, to me, XXVI was the best. The reason was because that Redskin team was so dominant and the best team of them all from start to finished. They were always unrated the entire season by the national media which really down played the build up leading up to the big game. With that said, the Bills were not given the credit they deserved going into the game. They had a really wide open and dominant offense that the great Giant defense in the previous superbowl needed a wide right 47 yard field goal miss to win. If superbowl XXVI were played in today’s game promoting pregame shows along with the NFL Network; it would have truly been evaluated as a great game with a very good if not great Redskin team taking the victory over an outstanding Bills team.


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