Delivering ‘Baskets Of Hope’ To Area Kids

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Despite the dreary weather outside in the DMV, the pediatrics floor of the Georgetown University Hospital was made a little brighter today with a visit from Redskins linebacker Lorenzo Alexander.

The ‘One Man Gang’ was there on behalf of the Redskins Charitable Foundation, the NFL, and the Riley Children’s Foundation, to deliver ‘Super Baskets of Hope’ to critically ill children.  This is part of nationwide initiative to deliver a basket of goodies to the kids in most need of a smile.

Altogether, Basket of Hope and the NFL are delivering 7,000 baskets nationwide this week.  “Super Baskets of Hope” is the first-ever Super Bowl host city service project that reaches across the nation.

Here were Alexander’s thoughts this afternoon on being the point-man for the Redskins’ efforts:

Alexander was joined by his daughter this afternoon, who handed out bags to the mothers of the children while dad tackled the baskets (figuratively speaking).  Even though some of the kids were initially shy of the 6-1, 265-pound linebacker, his soft words and steady smile put the kids at ease.

One little girl even worked up the courage to play a game of catch:

This afternoon’s event was coordinated between the Redskins Charitable Foundation and Carla Sapp, the D.C./Baltimore Regional Coordinator for the Baskets of Hope program.  Sapp describes the experience of giving back as “overwhelming,” and was grateful to have the NFL’s support.

“This is giving back at a most-important time for these kids, who have so much else going on,” she explained.  “When I first started working with these kids, I thought, ‘Carla, what do you have to complain about?’ They’re so brave about life, and here they are beating us in a game of cards and stuff.

“Just giving the kids a toy for free, along with your love and attention, is really overwhelming to me, and I’m blessed to be a part of it.”

Alexander echoed those sentiments with his famous smile, as he rolled the ball back to his new biggest fan.  “Look at her smile–there it is!” he said:

0 thoughts on “Delivering ‘Baskets Of Hope’ To Area Kids

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    THEISMANN……Who cares? We need to have another re-stocking draft. There are too many holes still in this roster to blow off this draft and the next just to get a top-notch guy at QB.

    If MANNING will come for three at a reasonable cost [no picks], and this allows us the opportunity to secure the offensive side of the ball in the process, we can finally see what type of talent we truly have at TE, RB, and WR. At least with a re-built O-line, the passes will be reasonably close to the receivers with MANNING at the helm.

    If MATT FLYNN’s the man, how do we know he’s a starter at QB? His track record is pretty thin at this point.

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    At least, we had the opportunity to pick him and passed. VINNIE ‘the bag-man’ would be chuckling and thinking what a great deal he pulled off by getting GABBERT while outsmarting the experts. Then we’d be stuck with the sucker.

    MANNING is not a good idea. it’s not a bad idea. MANNING is a great idea. Put that in your pipe and smoke it MR. Thees-MAN.


  2. Am I supposed to comment on baskets of hope? i think what the club’s employees and players do in the community is wonderful, but are the blog police going to dictate what I comment on now? As far as i can see, I’m the only regular commentator here as it is. What say you timmeh? Still up for the 1st amendment to the constitution?


  3. I work on this unit they are showing with the kids an they enjoyed every moment of it..Thank You for coming to Georgetown University Hospital Pediatric Units..Even though I’m a Cowboys


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