Ryan Kerrigan Proud Of His Native Indiana

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Even though Redskins linebacker Ryan Kerrigan couldn’t feel the excitement of suiting up for the big game on Sunday, he did feel a twinge of state pride for his native Indiana.

Taking a break from his pursuit of an undergraduate degree at Purdue, Kerrigan stopped by Radio Row, The NFL Experience, and the NFL Honors Show.  Along the way, he got to meet with media and fans, celebrating his rookie successes while only an hour from home.

“I’ve never seen Indy like this and it just shows you how far the state has come with football,” he told CSN Washington.  “This is really good for the state and the city.”

Check out the rest of his interview with Kelli Johnson and the CSN crew, below:

[castfire id=”castFireVideo” guid=”UwIWI” width=”620″ filename=”858517/csn_2012-02-02-004317.1535.m4v”]

0 thoughts on “Ryan Kerrigan Proud Of His Native Indiana

  1. I really can’t see DAVIS or WILLIAMS with this team long-term. And I agree with those people within the organization who are upset by LANDREY’s decision. We’ll have to alter both FA and draft plans to ultimately reflect at least DAVIS’ and LANDRY’s moving on.

    Recent rumors have the REDSKINS and PEYTON MANNING hooking up. This is a rumor I embrace.

    A second rumor, has ALLEN slapping the franchise tag on FRED DAVIS not LaRON LANDRY. This move would drastically alter the 2012 moves the organization would make in FA and the draft.

    In my latest mock draft, I had the ‘SKINS taking either FLYNN or MANNING [no picks given] in FA, then moving down and drafting DWAYNE ALLEN with the late first round pick to replace DAVIS. A third rounder on SS WINSTON GUY Jr. from Kentucky and franchising LANDRY instead for a look-see year.

    Of course, at this time of the year, everything’s flexible. Maybe ALLEN can talk LANDRY into a one-year incentive-laden deal. Otherwise, we’d be franchising an injury-prone player, not something a well run franchise wants to do.

    DAVIS would become the franchise guy by default..

    With LANDRY in FA there is at least, a possibility that he would be signed by another club despite his still injured and un-repared achilles tendon.

    SS is not a position of strength or depth in this draft. This would necessitate a high pick at SS or another get in FA, right when we need a nickel-CB, and back-up FS. I mocked the CB in FA [WILLIAM GAY] and the FS in the fourth round [TRUMAINE JOHNSON]. That high pick is needed for a R-OT to protect the new QB, another area weak in FA this time around.

    ALLEN earns his pay that’s for sure.


  2. Me either dutchnblue.

    What with a high probability of LANDRY a ghost in a REDSKINS uni, REED DOUGHTY taking over at SS, KEVIN BARNES as the nickel-back, BARRY COFIELD playing out of position, and KEDRICK GOLSTON as the experienced back-up.

    We need a NT in FA, a re-sign of ADAM CARRIKER, a low draft pick at DE, re-sign FLETCHER and FOX, pull in FA GAY from the STEELERS, draft a CB and FS plus the SS question.

    No, the defense is better, but still needs work.


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