Phil Daniels Joins ‘School Of The Legends’

As awesome as this picture is, I don’t think we’re found the next franchise quarterback.

Former Redskins defensive lineman Phillip Daniels has only been out of the NFL for a year, but he’s already back to football, lined up in a three-point stance behind the keyboard.

Daniels played in 82 games over six seasons in Washington, providing brute strength and consistency at the 4-3 defensive end position.  He has remained vocal in his support of the Burgundy and Gold in retirement, and now joins the more than 2,300 active and retired players on the NFLPA’s “School of the Legends” online forum, to share his analysis and expertise.!/PhilDaniels93/status/166892607669141504

The Redskins were very active on “School of the Legends” last year, with former safety Vernon Fox providing weekly updates on the team, and linebacker Rocky McIntosh winning the award for “Player Correspondent of the Year“:

“Our team was thrilled by the work Rocky did this year for us as a player correspondent, and he was an easy choice to receive this award,” said David Byerley, CEO of School of the Legends.  “Our website is fun and meant to connect players with fans by giving them a behind-the-scenes perspective of the game we love.”

Which is precisely what Daniels has done since getting on board, addressing Redskins offseason rumors and covering Redskins-related news:!/PhilDaniels93/status/166352726320611328!/PhilDaniels93/status/165833985312817152

Daniels was a good player and a better guy, with a candid, honest approach.  Make sure you give him a follow on Twitter (@PhilDaniels93), and support his newest venture on “School of the Legends.”

0 thoughts on “Phil Daniels Joins ‘School Of The Legends’

  1. From all I read, DANIELS is a genuinely good guy, and an inspirational leader both while he was a REDSKIN and in the community at large.

    Too bad father time caught up with him on the field, but it’s good to see the REDSKINS slowly building a cadre of players of his mind-set on the current roster.

    Best wishes PHILLIP, and thank you for the effort you gave the team and its fans while in D.C.


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