Young Repays Support With World Tour

Intensity.  Passion.  Commitment.

These are a few of the qualities that push Redskins fullback Darrel Young to new heights on the football field.  Indeed, these are things that every athlete needs in order to make it in pro sports, although every player draws it from a different place.

For Young, that source has always been in his brother David, a sergeant first class in the US Army.  David has been deployed in the Middle East for much of Darrel’s career, but remains close with his brother, providing him with guidance and support, even from a world away.

In an effort to repay the favor, Darrel has teamed up with the Bills’ Drayton Florence and the Buccaneers’ James Lee as part of the “NFL Players Super Bowl Tour.”  Since departing the United States on Feb. 1, the trio has visited troops stationed in Greenland, El Salvador and Honduras.

According to Young’s personal blog, this is an honor for him, and a debt that he needs to repay to his brother:

Supporting the troops is something that I am very interested in because of my family background…What the troops do for this country is unbelievable…Being in the military is putting your life on the line to support and defend this great country.

Giving back to the troops is something that I have wanted to do for quite some time now…My brother supports what I do everyday, and I am excited to be able to show him that I support him too.

Before he left, Young shared some of his planned activities for the troops with ESPN 980’s Chris Russell:

“I’ll get a chance to be Mike Shanahan for a day.” Young said the players will get to run some drills and toss a football around, and planned to “run some zone-action.”

He’d also like to win and play in a Super Bowl one day (hardly a surprise) and maybe one day, his brother, Sergeant Young, who is “getting ready to go back to Afghanistan” will be able to make a special visit to see him, just like Young is making this week to the men and women who proudly defend our country.

Young personally understands–better than most–how privileged he is to play a game for a living.  We’ll be following Darrel as he globe-trots with the military men and women, and he’ll give a full report when he returns stateside.

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