Hankerson Gets A Trio Of New Tattoos

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In case you weren’t aware, Redskins wide receiver Leonard Hankerson is a big fan of tattoos.

And after a trip to the tattoo parlor yesterday, he had three new permanent designs, which he shared with his followers on Twitter (@HankTime85) earlier today (pictured above).  He also revealed that he got it done from a dude in Denver, that he got them all done in one sitting.

Moments after this popped up on my Twitter page, No. 85 himself walked down the hallway past my desk.  He showed me that the two words (“Blessed” and “Faith”) were located on his biceps, while the “1989, A Star Was Born” was on top of his right forearm.  He also indicated that last week, he got a rose tattoo on his left elbow (not pictured).

That’s a lot of physical expression in a short span of time, but Hankerson said he’s happy with the work and that it’s stuff that he’s thought about for a while.

No word on when he’ll be getting his next tattoo (or round of tattoos), but he did say that these were inspired by personal reasons and his rehab process.

In 1989 a star was born–in 2012, Redskins fans will be looking for his shine.

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  2. and on the other hand your not a star yet and if you have to advertise that you are….you never will be….do something on the feild b4 you start to toot our own horn……your hands might be big but your ego is bigger…prove to us you can produce and then i will change my mind…..


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