Coaches Pose With Old Van In 1974 Photo

One of the best Twitter sources for nostalgic sports photos is Andy Gray from SI Vault (@si_vault), who puts out gems like the Redskins photo featured above.

This is a picture of the 1974 Redskins coaching staff, prominently featured around a full size Plymouth Voyager van.  In the corresponding tweet, Gray insinuates that the van is beat up, but this is actually what the van looked like in mint condition.

You see, the Voyager was actually in its first year of production in 1974, a run that would last 26 glorious years until it was discontinued in 2000.  Given the proud demeanor with which head coach/general manager George Allen is slouched against the passenger door of the van, it’s plain to see that he and his fellow Redskins coaches are thrilled to be a part of some marketing ploy to sell the glorious beast.

You can also tell that Allen is the head coach because he wears the white short shorts with the whistle, while everyone else wears red.

Other coaches featured in this picture are: defensive coordinator Lavern “Torgy” Torgeson, offensive coordinator Ted Marchibroda, special teams coach Paul Lanham, offensive line coach Bill Austin, special assignments coach Bill Hickman, wide receivers coach Dick Bielski, defensive backs coach Ralph Hawkins, conditioning coordinator Jim Hilyer, offensive assistant Joe Walton, offensive backs coach Charlie Waller, and defensive assistant Kirk Mee.

With a 12-15 passenger van like the Plymouth Voyager, I can only hope that this group carpooled to work everyday.

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