Grossman: Redskins Not That Far Away

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Yesterday, Redskins free agent quarterback Rex Grossman talked to Tim Ryan and Pat Kirwan on SiriusXM’s ‘Movin’ The Chains,’ to discuss his past and future in Washington.

Grossman confirmed that he would like to return to Washington for a third season, citing a franchise with history and tradition, a passionate fan base, and a coaching staff focused on success as his motivating factors.

But perhaps most importantly, Grossman mentioned that with a few more pieces and consistent play, the Redskins are “not that far away” from success.

This is what he describes as his “dream scenario”:

We’re not that far off.  Y’know, if we can come together and stay healthy, and add a few pieces…just the Redskins as a team–whether I’m there or not–they’re just not that far off.

A few playmakers here and there on offense and defense, and consistent play, and just staying alive.  Y’know, 9-7 won our division, and that team won the Super Bowl.

Grossman makes a good point.  The NFL is king of parity, as half of the 2011 playoff teams sat at home last season.  The Giants were one of those teams, after finishing 10-6 in 2010.  In 2011, they won one fewer game, took the division, ran the table in the playoffs, and won the Super Bowl.

Welcome to the NFL.

In the NFL, you’re just not that far away.  Y’know, it’s not like basketball or baseball where the worst team has no shot–you’re just not that far away.  And I think that everybody at Redskins Park is kinda feeling that way after watching a team that we swept win the Super Bowl.

In other words, the NFL salary cap keeps things competitive and interesting.  Of the six new teams in the postseason this year, five had losing records last year, with three of them finishing at 4-12.  In one season, they were able to acquire the proper pieces to have a winning season and make the playoffs.

This is a critical offseason for both the Redskins and Grossman, and he acknowledges that they may not be in each other’s plans.  But with that in mind, Grossman believes in the Redskins ability to compete in 2012, and hopes that he’s here to be a part of it.

0 thoughts on “Grossman: Redskins Not That Far Away

  1. You know what…he may not be there next year and at times it seemed like he really wasnt there this year, but you have got to give it to him…he is one optomistic person like him or not he has the confidence and optomism that everyone should have


  2. Grossman wants my to forfeit my redskins support. If we do not get a QB this offseason, ill never root for them again. The organization is having faith in quarterbacks that would sit on the bench anywhere else.


  3. I would hope that the Redskins have learned a lesson with Grossman and his poor performance. Granted he does have his hot streaks but the cold streaks happen at the time.


  4. Considering the Redskins had a sub-par set of WR’s, 2 rookie RB’s, a stud TE and a dud TE (sorry Cooley, your done), and an improving OL… Grossman was about as good as we could have hoped anyone to be. 3-1 going into the game vs. Phili… and yes, he stunk up the joint. THAT was a bad game and even he’ll acknowledge it. But yanking him for Beck was the downfall of our season. Beck went 0-3 and couldn’t move the ball at all. Sure he didn’t throw picks,,, but he didn’t throw TD’s either!? By the time Shanny extracted his head from his a**, we were 3-4 and the wheels were coming off due to injuries and a broken compass. I don’t think we are much better, but with Grossman, I think we finished 7-9 rather then 5-11. And who knows what would have happened at the end of the season if we were only a game out of the playoffs. Just look at NY!!


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