Redskins Players Spend Time With Family

AP Image

AP Image

[Editor’s Note: In honor of this post, I dredged up an AP Photo of Redskins great Sam Huff with his family, taken on April 10, 1964.  From left to right, his wife Mary, his son J.D., Sam, daughter Cathy, and son Sammy Lee.]

For most NFL players, this part of the offseason is a time for the R’s: rest, rehab, recuperation and relatives.

The regular season doesn’t afford players much time to spend with family, so opportunities like a long Presidents’ Day weekend allows players get away for family time.

Some Redskins players like cornerback Josh Wilson have just been enjoying everyday life with their spouses.  Wilson revealed on Twitter (@TheRealJoshWilson) that he accompanied his wife to her “no limits spin class,” and had some discomfort with the limitations:

Good thing Wilson isn’t training to be a cyclist.  Let’s see how the spin instructor handles man-to-man coverage in the fourth quarter.

Meanwhile, somewhere between Houston and New Orleans, rookie receiver Niles Paul is meeting the newest member of his family, “little nephew NP Jr.”  Paul also happens to be wearing an awesome Popeye the Sailor Man T-shirt:

Recently, he also celebrated Spiderman-themed Beats By Dre headphones from his aunt and uncle, former NFL running back Ahman Green.  Those might come in handy if NP Jr. fusses too much.

In other baby news, defensive end Adam Carriker was there for his eight-month old baby daughter’s first words, which happened to be “We Want Dallas.”

No, not really.  This is what she actually said:

“She had been saying word like “dadda” and “momma,” but they were just sounds,” he told me later on the phone.  “But then today, she looked at me clear as day and said ‘dadda.’  I looked at my wife and said, ‘Was that her first word?’ and she said ‘Yeah.'”

“She wanted it to be ‘momma’ obviously, but [his daughter] knew who she was talking to and what she was saying, so that was pretty cool.”

Carriker went on to explain that it wasn’t really a fair contest, because it’s easier for babies to pronounce the “da da” sound than the “ma ma” sound.  But it still counts.

Other than that, it’s been pretty quiet on the Redskins Twitter network.  Here’s wish you a happy President’s Day Weekend with your loved ones as well.

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