‘Griffin Enterprises’ Ready For Combine

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Regardless of where he’s eventually taken in April’s NFL Draft, one of the most facinating prospects from this year’s class will be Heisman-winning Baylor quarterback RG3.

Or maybe I should say, ‘Robert Griffin III, CEO of Griffin Enterprises.’  That’s how he described his job to Jarrett Bell of USA Today, shortly before he left for the NFL Combine:

“This is a business trip,” Griffin, 22, says after a workout in Arizona last weekend. “I’m the CEO of Griffin Enterprises. It’s my job to go sell my product.”

But what exactly will that product be?  Rumors have suggested that top quarterback prospect Andrew Luck is ‘willing but unlikely to throw‘ at the Combine, acknowledging that it could only hurt his sky-high stock.  As the clock ticks down to throw time, it’s now being questioned whether or not Griffin will throw either:

“It would be foolish to say it’s even a fair and equitable environment for throwing,” [Griffin] says. “When you show up in a game, you’re never going in without a game plan. It’s a disadvantage to throw when you have no idea of the rhythm that you will have with your receivers.

“I’ll decide when I get there. I’ll do the other tests and see how it goes.”

In top receiver Kendall Wright, Griffin had one of the best vertical threats in college football last year.  At the Combine, he would be paired with receivers that he doesn’t know, making it an unrealistic game situation.

With that being said, Griffin should be motivated to throw in Indy in order to prove that he’s the top prospect in football.  The Redskins could address their quarterback situation through the Draft, meaning they would be willing to watch if Griffin is willing to throw.

If he chooses not to, it would be unfortunate, but unlikely to change his sky-high prospect status.

In his 2011 Heisman season, Griffin threw 4,293 yards and 37 touchdowns in 13 games (six interceptions), completing an astounding 72.4 percent of his passes.

By comparison, Redskins quarterbacks threw for 4,058 yards and 19 touchdowns (24 interceptions), completing 58.5 percent of their passes.  With a pick near the top of the first round (No. 6), Griffin certainly represents an intriguing prospect to keep an eye on in the days and weeks to come.

0 thoughts on “‘Griffin Enterprises’ Ready For Combine

  1. If I’m ShanAllen I’d try trading up to get him as long as it doesn’t cost more then this year’s 1st & 2nd and next year’s 1st. The Browns are the scariest team out there to outbid us with two 1st’s this year.


  2. stop thinking like snyder and cerrato and start thinking like shannahan and bruce. We need to not make our qb situation look so desperate so we don’t come close to giving away that amount of draft picks. We definetly need to get a capable starter in free agency no matter if we take griffin or not just cause of what going into the draft without a starter would say to the Rams or other teams about how desperate we are to take a qb.




  4. Reading an article in this morning’s RICHMOND TIMES-DISPATCH sports section, I immediately bolted upstairs to post my opinion, and found this article already up. It just reinforced the impression I got from reading SHANAHAN’s quoted words. At this point, I really can see ALLEN trading down and taking WEEDEN in the draft. His comments led me to believe he wants a repeat of last season’s wild trading session. I’m hoping against hope he does in fact feel this way, and that he will stick with the game-plan.

    Trading down from six to 20 should net another second at least plus one or two other picks, say another five in 2012 and one in 2013, maybe a three.

    Picks aren’t worth what they were last season. The new CBA ties top picks to a club for four years after which they become restricted free agents. An option year later, they are free agents. With a franchise tag, one player could be with the drafting club for six years maximum, the minimum in the previous collective agreement.

    With a late one, a QB such as WEEDEN is a distinct possibility, a TANNEHILL less so. But if there is no one in FA that ALLEN-SHANAHAN believe worth the money necessary to sign them, a ton could be invested in re-signing our own FA’s, and bringing in some excellent newbies rather than spending most of it on a FA QB.

    Having two second-rounders, and two fourth rounders can’t hurt especially since this draft is much deeper than last year in talent throughout. I am quite sanquine of success under this scenerio. Less so if we go after RG3. I would prefer waiting until next season with another dozen picks added to the dozen from 2011 before destroying the draft for two or three years getting ‘the’ franchise QB. Maybe the true value of picks will have settled in by then, and expectations will not be as high as they are this year.

    Besides MATT BARKLEY has been my vote ‘get’ at QB all along. Hopefully, 2013 will see us picking him by moving up from the bottom half of the draft throwing draft picks for years to come at the worst team to finish the 2012 season.


  5. The redskins don’t need another over paid prima donna. They need some good solid team players. They were good enough to beat the best team in the world twice this year!


  6. I could roll with a FA QB and WEEDEN in the first, 2 second’s, a thrid, two fourths, two fifths, a sixth and seventh. Absolutely………….as long as the FA is NOT the GROSS-man.


  7. Either way we go,we need a QB.I watched RG3 at Baylor,he has good instinks,not to mention the ablity to run and make people miss him.The last good qb we had was theisman,he wasnt molble like rg3 is,but his pocket presence was unreal,not mention his arm strenth.Need oline help and a receiver that can run verticle.Shanahan is a qb coach and Im sure he knows what his doing.Iam so pumped for this draft its unreal,HTTR


  8. We are in dire need of a franchise QB, and have been for over fifteen years . I believe we are all in agreement of that.

    Since franchise QB’s don’t grow on trees and usually don’t fall into your lap, we are going to have to:

    1. Get lucky on a late rounder (Brady-type) or undrafted QB (K. Warner-type). This is like winning the lottery!

    2. Either spend draft picks now for RG3 or have a dismal season (1 or 2 wins) next season aiming for a top draft pick QB in 2013

    3. Spend in free agency for unproven quantities (Matt Flynn), HUGE question marks (Peyton Manning, Brady Quinn), or middle of the road QB’s (Kyle Orton, Alex Smith)

    Of these three choices, two of which can be planned around (#2 & #3), I would go with trading up and going for RG3. Of these choices, he has the most upside and risk to reward ratio, in my mind.

    Next choice would be to trade down and go for Ryan Tannehill. No free trade QB’s please. I can stand one more season of being dismal offensively IF we have a rookie QB to nurture. I can’t stand ONE MORE wasted season waiting for the deus ex machina to appear magically and lead us at QB…


  9. I think the Redskins should do whats necessary to get RG3, He is the best out there period. He will bring much needed excitement to the organization and a solid starter for years to come. Nobody wants Tannehill im sure he is a decent player but he is not a franchise or impact player lets be real, so dont try to sell us on him! As a season ticket holder and a life long fan, if you can keep raising ticket prices then we at least we deserve a decent product to watch. Even if we get Peyton manning we still need a quarterback and it would be perfect if RG3 could learn behind Manning for a year or two if Peyton has that left in his career. We make all these other bonehead moves lets do the right thing and bring RG3 to D.C. please!!!!!!!


  10. “RG3 to D.C.””RG3 to D.C.””RG3 to D.C.””RG3 to D.C.””RG3 to D.C.””RG3 to D.C.””RG3 to D.C.””RG3 to D.C.””RG3 to D.C.””RG3 to D.C.””RG3 to D.C.””RG3 to D.C.””RG3 to D.C.””RG3 to D.C.””RG3 to D.C.””RG3 to D.C.””RG3 to D.C.””RG3 to D.C.”!!!!!!!! The new Motto until April! We need our Superman too!


  11. Pundits now saying to outbid BROWNS for RG3 a 1,2,and 4 in 2012, a 1 and 3, in 2013, and a 1 in 2014. Too much, trade down instead, but don’t tell St.LOUIS until they’re on the clock in the first round.


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