Thompson Finishing Boise State Degree

AP Image

It’s been an academically productive offseason for Redskins rookies, as both linebacker Ryan Kerrigan and cornerback Brandyn Thompson have returned to finish their respective bachelors’ degrees.

Thompson shared the news with his followers on Twitter (@BThompson_BT), illustrating the hard work that got him to the NFL, with perhaps a touch of senioritis:

According to his Boise State player bio, Thompson is on track for a bachelor’s degree in communications.  A Facebook conversation with Thompson confirmed that he is back in the halls of Boise State–but only in the cyber sense–as he’s finishing up with online classes.

He’s spent most of his time since January living near his native Elk Grove, Calif., outside of Sacramento.

In addition to his work in the online classroom, he has been practicing his communication skills by keeping followers updated on Twitter.

His new-found free time has given him an opportunity to learn how to cook:

He also appreciated the irony of being tested to make sure he’s working out the right way:

And most importantly, he has taken time out of his busy schedule to give back to boys and girls in the “Sac” (Sacramento) area:

Thompson has also teamed up with former Bronco’s teammate Austin Pettis and other former college football players to start the Dream Team Delivers Foundation.

According to the nonprofit organization’s Facebook page, the group intends to offer a handful of free football camps and charity basketball games across the country.  Thompson is signed on to help with the football camps, which are set to begin at the end of March.

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