Runs 40 With Rich Eisen

Last week, in celebration of the NFL Scouting Combine and’s Rich Eisen 40-yard dash, and associated entities encouraged fans to run the 40 and post a video.

On Thursday, a call was put out for teams to participate in the challenge.  The Carolina Panthers had a mascot start the run, before being stuffed by reserve tight end Richie Brockel.  But with no team mascot and everyone else in Indianapolis, the role of runner fell to the next most likely target.


I took to the back practice fields to prove that I can run 40 consecutive yards in my regular business apparel of slacks and a polo.  No, I didn’t train for this or stretch beforehand, and the last time I played a sport outside of a pool was over a decade ago.

Just remember that no one ever promised you a 4.40 blogger.  Eat your heart out, Rich Eisen:

Cue the comments on how many people can beat my time, and truthfully, I hope you can.  But let’s see it.

Show the world your best time, in video form, posted in the comment section or tweeted @Redskins and @NFL.  All you have to do is run in your business apparel, in your place of work.  Have some fun with it!

And major props to ESPN 980’s Chris Russell, who ran an 8.2 in his 40-yarder for charity last spring.

0 thoughts on “ Runs 40 With Rich Eisen

  1. Brian,

    I hope you are still interested in next week’s panel. I have been trying to get in contact with you. I hope all is well, if you could shoot me an email. Thank you.


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